The US court issued a permanent ban to Gu Yingqiong:

On October 29th, Jia Yueting v. Gu Yingqiong’s case was settled in recent days. It is reported that the King County High Court of Washington State issued a permanent ban to Gu Yingqiong, which will permanently prohibit Gu Yingqiong from publishing any false remarks against Jia Yueting and his family. It is forbidden to contact employees and creditors of companies related to Jia Yueting, including but not limited to LeEco and FF.

Prior to this, on October 23, Beijing time, Gu Yingqiong had published a statement on his personal media platform, acknowledging that his previous article described 'Jia Yueting set up a trust fund for his family in the United States' 'Jia Yueting was investigated by the US government' and so on. It is a 'false statement' and officially apologizes.

It is worth noting that the court also banned Gu Yingqiong from contacting any of the law firms of Jia Yueting, the employees, former employees and FF creditors.

Since July last year, the US media operator Gu Yingqiong has used his own self-media platform, Dr. Gu Yingqiong, to say that the world has continuously published articles on Jia Yuting’s accomplishments and rumors, saying that Jia Yueting is applying for a US green card and setting up a trust fund for his daughter. Later, it was also called 'Jia Yueting is facing the investigation of the US government, etc.', which caused an uproar of public opinion. Since then, Jia Yueting officially initiated a lawsuit against Gu Yingqiong.

In the subsequent litigation period, the court issued two temporary injunctions to Gu Yingqiong, on the one hand to stop it from continuing to use the media to spread false rumors, and on the other hand asked it to delete all rumors about Jia Yueting.