In short, after November 1, the production of RO reverse osmosis water purifier, even if the water-efficiency logo is not enforced, but if the enterprise propaganda that the product has water-saving c

November 1, the water efficiency mark is formally effective, no water-efficiency certification, will not be allowed to sell!

Each RO reverse osmosis water purifier on the prominent position, must be posted water efficiency level identification, otherwise it is unqualified!

Water Efficiency logo Implementation, will be the development of the water purification industry to produce knockout, help push the industry to upgrade, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises will farewell stage!


The above is a recent buzz in the water purifier industry a tone, make the water purification practitioners panic, then the real situation is what kind of? Is it true as mentioned above?

Wrong, everyone is wrong, the real situation is not like this!

Water efficiency is like this.

Water efficiency identification is the form of ' self-declaration ' in the form of ' water efficiency record ', which is used to indicate the composite sign of water product performance registration.

September 13, 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Water Resources, AQSIQ jointly issued the "Measures for the management of hydraulic efficiency", the corresponding assessment of water products evaluation.

"Water efficiency identification management measures" on the state-related functions of the Division of labor, the NDRC, the Ministry of State Administration of quality supervision of the establishment of the standard system, the implementation of the corresponding management and guidance responsibility. "Water efficiency identification management measures" after the release will be applicable to the management of the product of the corresponding management, set the product water Efficiency catalogue, all the products listed in the catalogue must conform to the "Water efficiency identification management measures."

For the product to enter the market is determined by the water efficiency catalogue.

Water purifier implementation not so fast According to the Chinese household appliances quality Supervision and testing center of the physical and chemical analysis of the center director of the Wang Tongzhao in October 22, 2018, the ' Four China Water purifier industry Annual Meeting ', the current water purifier products are not in the "Water Efficiency" catalogue, once included in the catalogue, and have specific implementation details,

The next step is the water efficiency implementation of the specific product.

Water Efficiency Logo Sticker Template Chief Wang also said that it is clear that at present, water purifier for the implementation of hydraulic marking still some time. In other words, water purifier Industry identification implementation, need to solve three steps, the first is the water purifier must be included in the list, the second, the water efficiency identification of the implementation of the rules, such as exactly how to label, identify the two-dimensional code embodies what content, link to which site management backstage, and so on, is not clear.

Third, the water purifier industry needs to implement the Declaration of the standard implementation of the period, at the same time need to the production enterprise or OEM commissioned processing brand a reporting, third-party laboratory or factory laboratory testing, certification, water efficiency logo production, water-efficiency labeling paste, as well as manufacturers inventory and channel Vendor inventory cleanup digestion date, and so on. Obviously, it takes time, it can't be done overnight! The current market has so-called water efficiency certification propaganda, but also only the third-party laboratory for its water efficiency in accordance with the test issued by the Water efficiency test report only, to verify that the manufacturer declared the product samples to meet the specific water efficiency identification of which grade, is the first water efficiency or five water efficiency

That's all.

Water purifier Enterprises need to respond positively

In fact, water purifier industry enterprises in recent years has also been active in water-saving technology development and research, conceptual water-saving, the drainage of intermittent, water blending, multi-stage RO membrane technology, anti-fouling filter import, and so on to a certain extent, to improve water purifier water-saving capacity. Concept of water-saving is a lot of enterprises playing the edge, the use of dense water suitable for use later to achieve water conservation.

There is a problem, once involved in water efficiency, only in accordance with the assessment of 34914, water purifier out of the waters, usually not pure water, even if it is concentrated, only according to your pure water effluent rate to determine your water saving rate. Many companies are misleading consumers, advocating that users use thick water to wipe the table, washing dishes, washing dishes, think is not a waste. But this kind of water is the living water, must accord with the drinking Water National Standard (GB5749).

And precisely water purifier discharged concentrated water, a lot of indicators are exceeded, is not in line with the GB5749 standard, there is a large risk potential. Wastewater reflux technology is to hit the water back to the RO membrane, the disadvantage is that it is easy to cause plugging film, removal rate is not high. The experiment water is 250, the enrichment once enlarges once, three times after the circulation can not reach, is easy in the water purifier, the water production rate experiment failed. There are also places to take two-stage ro membrane water purifiers, which add a block filter or anti-scaling materials, at night downtime, these ions will not condense, will not cause water plugging. The filter scale is composed of high polymer materials, and calcium sulfite.

Of course, many local health authorities are not approved.

In short, after November 1, the production of RO reverse osmosis water purifier, even if the water-efficiency logo is not enforced, but if the enterprise propaganda that the product has water-saving concept, in line with water efficiency standards, then the corresponding RO reverse osmosis water purifier must meet the requirements of GB 34914, to withstand spot checks. Water Purifier Effective November | No labeling, no sales?