Listen to people | Changhong CHiQ air conditioning Q5 flagship machine to bring you experience | 'true intelligence'

Mianyang in October, the autumn is high and cool, Changhong Group ushered in the 60th anniversary of Jianye. Changhong Air Conditioning took the CHiQV generation product Q5 series flagship machine and made a stunning appearance, continuing its leading position in the field of intelligent air conditioning, with the cutting-edge technology of AI artificial intelligence, opening up ' Listening to the new realm of people.

Industry leader, listening to people - custom air

'One hundred people have 100 Hamlet in their hearts.' There are no two identical people in the world. Everyone is sensitive to the environment, and the demand for temperature is not the same.

Traditional air conditioners can only help people to solve the basic needs of hot summer or cold winter. They can't customize exclusive services for users. Therefore, regardless of age, physical strength, people in the same room can only passively accept a fixed temperature. A fixed amount of air. With the development of intelligent technology, the primary intelligent air conditioner can push different types of temperature or air volume according to the user's gender and age, or can not customize the exclusive service for a single user, which is not considered 'true intelligence'.

Changhong CHiQ air conditioner Q5Ds, Q5Gs series AI artificial intelligence air conditioner through the innovative 'soundprint sensing' technology, with the ability to 'recognize people', intelligently identify users, open a private custom mode, from integrated intelligent identification to home smart environment The leap of recognition.

When people speak, their voices and temperament have their own unique characteristics. Just like fingerprints, they are owned by everyone and are unique in the world. Changhong Air Conditioning has developed a leading-edge voiceprint recognition technology, using 12 items. The patented technology of voice control analyzes and records people's voices, forming each person's unique voiceprint, thus accurately identifying and locating each person, making 'listening to people' become reality, ordering for each user. Exclusive and comfortable air.

The industry's first listening position - caring

With the popularity of air conditioners to thousands of households, the issue of air conditioning should not be directly directed at people. People have never stopped discussing. Based on the health perspective, for the elderly, children, Definitely can not stand the direct hair dryer, there is a sense of cool and windless is the best; from the practical effect of air conditioning, for the bloody youth, naturally hope that the faster the temperature, the more direct the better, so the wind will blow directly on the body, continue to blow repeatedly Blow, straight to the heart.

Changhong CHiQ air conditioner Q5Ds, Q5Gs series AI artificial intelligence air conditioner through the innovative 'soundprint sense control' technology, with the ability to 'recognize people', according to the direction of the sound, to achieve wind with sound or wind reverse sound.

Not only know where you are, but also understand you, where you let the wind blow where. Q5Ds, Q5Gs can make two opposite actions according to the location of the user's sound source and the user's voice command. You can choose to let the wind follow people, or you can choose to let the wind not blow. No matter where the wind is, the care of Changhong CHiQ air conditioner Q5 series AI artificial intelligent air conditioner is always in the shadow.

The industry's first audio-visual speed control - to meet the air supply needs

The primary intelligent air conditioner adjusts the air volume, wind speed or temperature according to the number of people in the room, and the number of people judges from the collected environmental noise. We know that the sound volume is an important factor affecting the environmental noise, but the number of people in the room is often determined by the volume of sound. There will be misjudgments. When people are talking for a long time, the environmental noise will be very noisy, but when everyone does not speak only to 'beautiful man' or 'beauty,' the number will not be reduced, the environment will be very quiet; and some people are born to be Big tricks, when the individual voice is loud, does it mean a large number of people?

Changhong CHiQ air conditioner Q5Ds, Q5Gs series AI artificial intelligence air conditioner through the innovative 'soundprint sense control' technology, with the ability to 'recognize people', judge the indoor noise according to the sound volume, and actively adjust the operation mode. When the ambient noise is ≤ 30 decibels, air conditioning Automatically enters the low-frequency operation mode; automatically enters the standard operation mode when the ambient noise is between 30-50 dB; When the ambient noise is ≥50 dB, it automatically enters the high-frequency operation mode to meet the needs of different scenes.

Changhong CHiQ air conditioner Q5Ds, Q5Gs series AI artificial intelligence air conditioner with voice recognition based personal attribute intelligence recognition technology, sound volume recognition based intelligent operation module, azimuth recognition based wind direction air volume calculation module, based on speech recognition, high level of semantic recognition Chat system is the key, open the new world of air-conditioning intelligence. 'Listen to people', 'listen to speed', 'listen to sound', by more precise adjustment of air volume, wind speed, wind direction, custom-made comfort for users. More through the soft wave micro-slit wind technology, PMV comfort control, 0.1 °C subtle sensation and other technologies to enhance the user's habits of preference learning, memory efficiency, link into the indoor integrated air environment management of the intelligent ecology.

CHiQ air conditioner Q5 series is fully listed. Layout smart and comfortable life

Changhong CHiQ air conditioner Q5 series has a wealth of products, each product has its own unique unique skills. Q5Ds, Q5Gs voiceprint technology, let control from metaphysics to science, to achieve the highest level of listening to people; Q5K , Q5X, Q5S series intelligent cleaning hang machine, the main attack unskilled cleaning 'super power', shut down or remote control can complete the air conditioning intelligent cleaning, allowing users to completely say goodbye to the uncomfortable feeling of cold and hot when booting; Q5Ks , Q5X series comfortable wind cabinet machine unique comfort soft wind technology, the rigid mechanical wind is broken into a comfortable natural soft wind, allowing users to stay away from the mechanical cold wind, to create a more comfortable user experience.

After all, what is the 'true intelligence' emphasized by Changhong Air Conditioning? It is you just stepping into the house, in one sentence, the air conditioner has started, opening the exclusive exclusive mode for you, bringing comfort to your side; no matter how long it is used As long as a clean button, even remote APP control, can make the dirt in the old air conditioner swept away, not to worry about a cold wind, a hot air discomfort; you are on the high-rise of the city's third ring, open the air conditioner but Can feel the comfort of soft wind like the spring breeze.

The more intelligent, the more you understand! This is the 'true intelligence' that Changhong Air Conditioning constantly pursues in solving users' pain points and evolutionary product functions.