Ten major water heater mainstream brand market inventory, Haiermei's Vantage and other brands online growth

With the improvement of people's living standards, thermal firearms have become one of the indispensable household appliances in modern family life. In the process of developing water heaters, water heaters are facing the first and second line markets, or facing the third and fourth line markets. Uniform product quality standards for standardized production, 'reliance on technology. Keep improving' to ensure the quality of water heater use.

At present, the water heater has a complete water heater process equipment, careful process, advanced testing methods, stable product quality, and constantly expand the market network. The consistent product quality has been recognized and trusted by more and more users. Brand Haiermei's Vantage and other brands have grown rapidly online. So what are the top ten brands of water heaters in the market? Then let's talk about them one by one.


Midea is a leading technology group of consumer electronics, HVAC, robotics and industrial automation systems, providing diversified products and services. Midea adheres to the principle of 'creating value for customers' and is committed to creating a better life. The Group's water heater division is produced by Midea Group, which is a large-scale integrated solution provider that specializes in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of electric water heaters, gas water heaters, etc., integrating research, production and sales.

Vantage Vatti

Zhongshan Huadi Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. is a company that produces kitchen gas appliances and household appliances. Vantage products have formed more than 500 varieties of gas stoves, water heaters, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, cabinets and other products, and gas stoves have become China's leading brands of stoves, gas water heaters, range hoods have entered the national top three respectively. In addition, its products have high added value and technology content, which is regarded as the industry leader in the entire kitchen and bathroom market. Beijing 2008 The Torch 'Xiangyun' used in the Olympic Games is responsible for the production of the company. Vantage gas water heaters, range hoods were rated as 'China Famous Brand' products by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and 'National Inspection-Free Products'. Vantage Water Heater 25 Years The combustion technology realizes one-button intelligent constant temperature. The hot water circulation pump will preheat the cold water in the pipeline in advance. Whenever it is used, ensure that the hot water is ready to come, so that you can enjoy the bath, torch quality and loyalty. As a representative of China's high-end smart kitchen appliances, Vantage is 'customer first, forge ahead, share win-win, efficient collaboration, craftsmanship' As the core values ​​of corporate culture, we constantly improve the layout of smart industry and are committed to becoming the world leader in high-end quality kitchen space.

Haier Haier

Haier Group was founded in 1984. Haier is a global home appliance brand. In the Internet era, Haier is committed to becoming an Internet company, subverting the closed system of traditional enterprise self-contained systems, becoming a node in network interconnection, interconnecting various resources and creating Create a win-win new platform and achieve win-win value for all parties. Haier Water Heater and the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have jointly developed a water heater with 3D function, which completely solves the problem of slow heating and long waiting time, through 3D speed. Thermal technology achieves the goal of producing ultra-large amounts of hot water in a short period of time.

A.O. Smith

AO Smith was founded in the United States in 1874 and has a history of 144 years. In 1998, it entered China and has a global R&D center covering electric/gas/air energy/solar water heaters, home/commercial water purification, air purifiers, home heating boilers. , Commercial water heater / boiler. Intelligent double broadband thermostat system - AO Smith R & D center's latest generation of gas rapid water heater thermostat control system. According to the set temperature and water demand, tracking and monitoring of influent, outlet temperature and water output, In different situations, intelligently select the firepower switch to quickly reach the set temperature, and also quickly and constantly output the water temperature when the water output is adjusted.

Fang Tai Fotile

Fang Tai focuses on high-end kitchen appliances and promotes the upgrading of home kitchens with innovative kitchen technology. Adhering to the strategic positioning of 'professional, responsible', the company is striving to become a great company. The company is constantly striving for high quality of life. People, providing design and superior quality embedded kitchen appliances, integrated kitchen products, providing high quality products. Fangtai gas water heaters have magnetized water purification technology to remove iron filings, residual chlorine and other impurities, and the water quality is cleaner*, let you Enjoy a comfortable bathing experience at home.

Wan and Vanward

Founded in August 1993, Wanhe has developed into a leading manufacturer of domestic water heaters, kitchen appliances, and hot water systems. It has seven manufacturing and manufacturing bases in Shunde, Zhongshan, Gaoming, Hefei, etc., with an annual production capacity of more than 15 million units. The products are sold in more than 70 countries and regions on five continents. The 'three antibacterial technology' adopted by Wanhe Electric Water Heater consists of 120°C ultra-high temperature antibacterial, 80°C deep antibacterial, silver ion high-efficiency bacteria control and three antibacterial defense lines. Achieve pure physical disinfection.

Wanjiale macro

Wanjiale is a low-carbon high-tech enterprise specializing in the efficient use of clean energy (gas) and renewable energy, with technology, energy saving, green environmental protection and fashion as its core value. The Macro2.0 intelligent operating system of Wanjiale's independent intellectual property rights, including Bathtub, comfortable, economical, kitchen hot water mode; through intelligent monitoring of water temperature and water flow, creating the industry's highest standard - ± 0.5 ° C precision thermostat, allowing consumers to enjoy hot water without any worry .

Linne Rinnai

Founded in 1920, Linnei Group has 29 production or sales subsidiaries in 17 countries and regions around the world. Consumers are located in many countries and regions around the world. Linnei is a global leader in the integrated thermal energy industry to produce high-end gas. Water heaters, gas stoves, heating stoves, range hoods and other kitchen and bathroom appliances, and won the JIA quality assurance A-class workshop evaluation. Shanghai Lin has always adhered to the concept of 'quality and sincerity dedicated to customers', one step at a time Developed to become the leader of China's comprehensive thermal equipment.

Energy rate NORITZ

With a long history of more than 60 years, Japan's energy rate has always been dedicated to the ideal of creating a comfortable world of bathing. In the process of brand creation, it is only pursuing the ultimate purity, which is deposited in the blood of the years. The state of nature has formed a simple and simple corporate concept of 'warm water and health, grace and comfort, and creating a better lifestyle.' In 1993, the company entered China and invested in Shanghai to build a factory with its fine and stable The technical strength and professional quality of after-sales service and after-sales service set up the image of high-end brands in the industry in the highly competitive Chinese market, and won the reputation of the leading company in China's water heater industry.

Commander Leader

Tongshuai Electric Appliance is Haier Group's third sub-brand under the Internet environment after Haier and Casa Di. For 18 years, Tongshuai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is committed to creating young, fashionable, high-quality and applicable home appliances for users. Using Haier's R&D technical advantages, while relying on The advantages of Haier Group's four networks (virtual network, marketing network, logistics network, service network) fully guarantee the timeliness and perfection of product production, distribution and complete service. The simple business model and unique functional design are more in line with the Internet. The new brand of consumer demand in the era! The target group of the commander is mainly the young consumer group that advocates individuality, fashion and simple lifestyle.

The sales of heat exchangers continue to rise, and large and small water heater brands have entered the market to occupy a place. Vantage gas water heaters have always been a popular brand, 25 years of professional combustion technology, torch quality, loyal to safety. On the theme of the 2017 China Health Water Heater Industry Summit Forum, Vantage Co., Ltd. won the '2017 China Water Heater Industry Health Brand' with outstanding industry influence, brand awareness and product innovation. And '2017 China Water Heater Industry Health Model' two awards. Vantage I12033 gas water heater to create a constant temperature strength, innovative combustion technology, enjoy a comfortable bath.

Vantage I12033 gas water heater has a dynamic sports car appearance, streamlined arc design, plus titanium silver ion metal paint panel, let you fall in love with the avant-garde visual experience; atmospheric vertical screen, cool breathing light, smart touch button, operation at a glance. And with a patented temperature control cabin (practical patent: ZL201521085968.5), since then bid farewell to cold and hot. Internal hot and cold water automatically circulating, reconcile the water temperature, alleviate the sudden cooling of the switch water in the middle, self-cruise temperature control Technology, 1° non-sensing constant temperature, precise regulation, water temperature change is almost undetectable. 0.01Mpa ultra-low water pressure start, less than 1/10 of normal water pressure can also be activated; multiple functional modes can be selected at will, wide frequency temperature control 35- 65 °C, firepower segmentation control, all seasons; bath mode, when the water output is equal to the set value, the screen flashes 'OL' and the buzzer alarm prompts to shut down; the whole house hot water supply 38 ° C, the kitchen warm water to wash the dishes, Wash vegetables and care for your family's hands.

Unique ASP active protection technology, from the waterway, fire road, gas circuit, circuit four roads multi-directional protection, in addition to the use of high temperature to unlock 50 °C performance, more convenient and quick, peace of mind bath. In the quality is more true Material, durable, high-quality intelligent antifreeze device, high-quality high-efficiency heat-exchange oxygen-free copper water tank, high-quality 304 stainless steel fire platoon, making combustion even and full, stable and easy to blow off, while reducing combustion noise and CO Discharge amount. Three high-quality strength casts the strength of the water heater, peace of mind protection, escort your bath.