Home appliance headlines show you the 2018 home appliance technology conference

In the rich autumn

2018 China Household Appliance Technology Conference arrives on schedule

Assembly with home appliances 'smart, green, quality, material' Theme

The content focuses on the development trend of international home appliance technology

And various common technologies closely related to household appliances

Highlight smart manufacturing, smart products, energy saving and environmentally friendly development and new technologies

Latest international and domestic achievements in the application of new materials

The conference covers both cutting-edge technologies and practical technologies.

It can be said that the technical conference embodies the essence of one year of technical research in the home appliance industry.

Continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's home appliance industry

Home appliance headline APP will send a strong report team to track the whole process

Full coverage and content interpretation of the conference and each chapter

Stay tuned~

2018 China Household Electrical Appliances Technology Conference Conference Content Arrangement