Double eleven logistics pressure strikes | express robot into the industry to resist the key

The annual shopping carnival 'Double Eleven' is coming soon. This day is a long-awaited for consumers, but it is a busy logistics person. Fortunately, the emergence of express robots in recent years, let logistics People can also be liberated on this day.

In recent years, the accelerated popularization of the Internet has led to the rise and development of the e-commerce industry. The increasing number of online shopping and online consumption has promoted the emergence of Tmall 'Double Eleven' festival. Immediately, 2018 Double Eleven It will come again!

According to the data of 2017, the national parcels reached 1.38 billion pieces during the double eleven period last year, an increase of about 29% over the previous year; the highest single-pass delivery time reached 1,836 kilometers, and the average speed of 80km/h was almost equal. High-speed rail; the number of traffic trunks increased by 26.8%, and the temporary capacity increased significantly. The data all indicate that this year's double eleven will not be ordinary, the logistics industry and express delivery companies will face more severe challenges.

In fact, for the logistics express industry, the challenge has always existed. Since people's consumption level has improved and online consumption habits have gradually developed, the logistics pressure brought by e-commerce consumption has only increased, whether it is for logistics and storage. Ability, turnover, delivery ability, or ability to solve the last mile is a major test.

The arrival of the Double Eleven is undoubtedly amplifying the challenge. Therefore, in the face of increasing industry pressure, in the past two years, e-commerce companies represented by Jingdong, rookie, etc., as well as express delivery giants such as Yuantong and Shentong, started Seeking a positive solution. In the end, intelligent equipment and technology represented by express robots have become the common dependence of all people.

According to the report of on the 24th, during the double eleventh period, the logistics preparations of major e-commerce companies and express delivery companies were basically completed, and the robots have undoubtedly become the main force of the battle. Among them, the rookie is in the super robot warehouse of Huiyang. In the middle, hundreds of blue express robots have been used to sort and deliver parcels. The daily shipment can exceed one million pieces. The 'machine substitution' greatly improves the distribution efficiency and reduces the cost.

In fact, as early as 2016, rookie has already planned to rely on robots to build intelligent logistics plans and reduce existing logistics pressure. In May this year, it launched the IOT strategy to combine robotics and IoT technologies to achieve multiple logistics elements. In real-time online, intelligent resource scheduling is used to optimize resource allocation. On September 14th, which is less than two months away from the double eleven, the rookie has cooperated with Yuantong to launch the Super Robot Distribution Center.

The person in charge of the rookie once said that the super robot distribution center is specially built for the double eleven, and will be landed in Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places in the future. At the same time, during the double eleven, the rookie will also cover The intelligent containers of large and medium-sized cities in North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou are freely opened to form a collaborative development model of 'personnel + center + container'. Through millions of logistics employees and robot distribution centers and smart containers In combination, the express logistics terminal platform will be built into a smart mode.

Compared with the rookie, this year's double eleven Jingdong will be better than this, because in the past two years relying on smart technology, Jingdong's intelligent logistics has been built more deeply. First through the establishment of the 'Asian No. 1' unmanned warehouse, the use of each The AGV, sorting robot, and handling robot have greatly improved the logistics storage capacity. This year, the distribution robot was applied again, and the last mile of the express delivery was solved, realizing the comprehensive upgrade from logistics and storage to distribution.

In the past ten years, the express delivery industry has been called China's biggest miracle. The order for double eleven logistics has increased from 260,000 to 812 million. The growth of more than 3,100 times is undoubtedly amazing. The impact of this growth is not directed to a single Enterprises, but the entire industry needs to be upgraded.

In view of this, the general manager of the rookie Yuncang business unit, Sun Jian, deputy director of the double eleven project, said: 'This year's express delivery 'Spring Festival', the situation of their respective operations will be changed in the past, the whole industry, the whole society is playing a technical big Upgrade, synergy and big upgrade, greatly promote the symphony of this effective improvement. ' Obviously, the super robot distribution center created by the rookie and Yuantong was born out of the above viewpoint.

Combined with China's current form of economic development, the e-commerce boom will continue for a long time, which means that there will be countless double eleven waiting for the e-commerce logistics industry to respond, and in the future, smart logistics construction represented by express robots , need to further accelerate the pace.