Firmly confident | Coordinating resources | Promoting technological innovation in China's plastics processing industry

Speech by Zhang Chonghe, President of China National Light Industry Association, at the 2018 China Plastics Processing Industry Technology Conference

The theme is 'Starting a powerful engine of technological innovation, promoting the high-quality development of plastics processing industry' 2018 China International Plastics Exhibition and the 3rd Plastic New Materials, New Technology, New Equipment, New Products Exhibition, October 28-30 Held in Nanjing.

Adhering to the guiding ideology of 'scientific and technological innovation and technological progress', the conference aims to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, build a political, production, learning, research, gold, and exchange platform; concentrate industry power, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; promote the spirit of artisans, establish Benchmarking, commending advanced; improving industry visibility and association cohesion; deeper service for member units, promoting industry technology innovation and technological progress, and promoting industry competitiveness.

2018 China Plastics Processing Industry Technology Conference was held concurrently. Zhang Chonghe, president of China National Light Industry Federation, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The convening of the 2018 China Plastics Processing Industry Technology Conference marked a new page in the technological innovation of China's plastics processing industry, demonstrating the confidence and determination of the industry to strengthen technological innovation and technological progress.

The China Plastics Processing Industry Science and Technology Conference focused on the theme of 'Improving the ability of independent innovation and vigorously implementing high-end strategies' to discuss the industry's innovation plan and the blueprint for the development of the industry.

First, technological innovation is always on the road

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, emphasizing that innovation is the first driving force for development. The 2016 National Science and Technology Innovation Conference clearly stated that it will enter the ranks of innovative countries by 2020 and enter an innovative country by 2030. Forefront, when China was founded 100 years ago, it became a world science and technology power. This is not only the great goal of the country to build a world science and technology power, but also the requirements for technological innovation in the plastics processing industry, pointing out the direction.

China's plastics processing industry 'Eleventh Five-Year' ultra-high-speed development, 'Twelfth Five-Year' structural adjustment, basically completed the transition from industrial growth to industrial maturity. Plastic processing industry in the process of 'following' advanced countries, through The introduction, imitation, digestion, absorption and re-innovation have comprehensively enhanced the company's ability to innovate and reduced the high investment that relies entirely on independent innovation. This is reasonable and necessary in the early stage of development. After entering the mature period, the industry enters the middle and high end. The degree of dependence on technology is greatly increased, and the innovation drive will inevitably become the key choice for the industry to seek competitive advantage.

Technological innovation is always on the road. The technological innovation of the plastics processing industry is not a one-off event. It cannot be done overnight. It requires sustained R&D investment, long-term technical accumulation, comprehensive planning, and unwavering and tenacious long-term preparation.

Second, firm scientific and technological innovation, three confidences

Plastics processing industry technology innovation should avoid 'two tendencies': First, can not be self-respecting, think that the strength of scientific and technological innovation is very strong, 'awesome', catch up, do not need to learn from advanced countries. Second, can not be arrogant, right There is no confidence in the ability of independent innovation, and it is also step by step.

Technological innovation needs to be firm in three confidences.

The first is to solve problems and confidence. Compared with advanced countries, China's plastics industry started late, and achieved rapid expansion in scale over the past few decades. It also exposed many problems: Low-end products, homogenization, weak core competitiveness, unsuitable clean production, and environmental protection facilities. At the core of these problems, the company's technology research and development capabilities are weak, and technological innovation is insufficient. To solve these problems, we must rely on technological innovation and technological progress. We must make up our minds, have confidence, face problems, promote technological innovation, and promote technological progress. Solve development problems in technological innovation and prosper industry development in solving problems.

The second is independent innovation and self-confidence. Practice repeatedly tells us that key technologies, core technologies, whether they come, can't buy, can't be introduced. Independent innovation is the only way to climb the world's scientific and technological peaks and become bigger and stronger. In the early stage of development, China's plastics processing industry uses foreign ready-made technology. And equipment, achieving rapid catch-up and leaping development. In recent years, the gap between China's plastic processing technology and equipment and foreign countries is narrowing, the technical threshold is gradually increasing, and the pace of catching up is obviously slowing down. Enterprises must rely more on independent innovation to improve their foundation. The original innovation capability of science and cutting-edge technology; we must use various information technologies, management technologies and R&D tools to select, optimize and integrate various innovation elements and innovations, form independent innovation capabilities, win the core competitive advantages of the industry, and achieve key The core technology is self-controllable, and the initiative of innovation and the initiative to develop are firmly in their hands.

The third is to lead the confidence in parallel. The Outline of the National Medium- and Long-Term Science and Technology Development Plan proposes that the ability to innovate in 'tracking, parallel, leading' should be based on 'tracking, parallel' and shifting to 'parallel, leading'. This is a new force for innovation. High requirements. Although China has become a major producer of plastic products in the world, a large consumer country and a large exporting country, it is still at the low-end of the global value chain. High value-added and high-end products are still mainly introduced. It must be followed up. Learning, innovating in follow-up, breaking through in follow-up.

In recent years, the plastics processing industry has achieved some remarkable achievements in core technology research and product innovation. For example: plastic volumetric rheology processing, graphene carbon nanotube film for flexible screen, super strong film technology, Cardiac extracorporeal circulation and intubation for respiratory anesthesia, catheter production technology, etc., have entered the ranks of the world's advanced level. China's plastics processing industry must have confidence, make breakthroughs in 'parallel', enhance confidence in 'leading', in independent innovation Make a difference, work hard to promote the industry to achieve technological catch-up.

Third, highlight key points to promote technological innovation

Scientific and technological innovation is a systematic project. It must use systematic thinking, based on advantages, clear goals, and plan and focus on advancement.

1. First, carry out technological innovation around the top design. According to the "National Innovation Driven Development Outline", the "Guidelines for the Development of the Plastic Processing Industry's Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" formulated by the China Plastics Association, and the "Thirteenth Five-Year" Technical Progress Guidance Opinions of the Plastics Processing Industry, established new materials New technologies, new equipment and new products are the development priorities, and the guiding ideology of the high-end strategy is vigorously implemented; the development direction of functionalization, lightweight, ecological, and micro-forming is established. These are the plastic processing industries to promote technological innovation and technology. Progressive top-level design. It is necessary to carry out technological innovation around these top-level designs, to form a scientific and technological innovation system with reasonable layout, complete functions, efficient operation and strong support for plastic processing industry; to form technological innovations in intelligent manufacturing, digital manufacturing, new materials and new equipment. Ability; lay a solid scientific and technological foundation for the plastics processing industry to enter the ranks of the world's advanced countries.

The second is to carry out technological innovation around the 'three products' initiative. Since the implementation of the 'Three Products' action plan, the plastic processing industry has improved quality, increased varieties, and created brands. It has achieved good results. Plastics processing industry technology innovation, should be guided by the 'three products' action plan, with 'functionalization, lightweight , Ecological, micro-forming's focus, strengthen the research and development of high-performance plastic products, strengthen research on lightweight technology, strengthen the key core technology of precision micro-forming, and strive to provide strong scientific and technological innovation support for the implementation of the national 'three products' action plan.

The third is to carry out technological innovation around smart manufacturing. At present, a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation represented by German Industry 4.0 is developing rapidly. The intelligent manufacturing system supported by smart factories, intelligent products and intelligent supply chains is accelerating construction. Premier Li Keqiang proposed to use 'Internet + ' Promote the combination of Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and modern manufacturing. Product personalization, high-end, small batch, customized production will become a new trend in the future manufacturing industry. This is China's industry including plastic processing industry. Unavoidable global challenges. The plastics processing industry should make full use of the 'two-in-one' deep integration opportunities, and do a good job of deep integration of resource management systems (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) to create conditions for intelligent transformation and accelerate the exploration of plastics. The road to development of the wisdom of the processing industry.

4. The fourth is to carry out scientific and technological innovation around green development. 'Green Mountain is the Jinshan Yinshan', and sustainable development can be achieved by adhering to green development. The sustainable development of the plastics processing industry cannot be at the expense of the environment. It is necessary to strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction technology research, strengthen the development of new environmentally friendly materials, and strengthen the recycling of plastics. Technology research and development, reduce the waste rate after product consumption from the source. Through the improvement of the innovation system, the construction of green factories, green supply chains and green industrial parks as an opportunity to achieve clean production and industrial ecologicalization, comprehensively improve the quality of the industry, and create a plastics processing industry A new pattern of energy conservation and emission reduction, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry and green development.

Fourth, pool resources to promote technological innovation

Scientific and technological innovation is a complex system engineering. It is necessary to promote technological system innovation, mechanism innovation and policy innovation, solve the separation of science and technology resources, and decentralize and separate the 'three-point' systemic obstacles, transforming scientific and technological resources into technological advantages and transforming into economics. Advantage.

The first is to coordinate the professional committee's innovative resources. The rapid development of China's plastics processing industry, the 39 professional committees of the Plastics Association are indispensable. It is necessary to coordinate the scientific and technological innovation resources of various professional committees, strengthen the research of key common technologies in the professional field, give play to the role of the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation, and coordinate the research and development of science and technology. Jointly carry out technological innovation in the whole industry chain. Experts of various special committees must become the promoters and promoters of the transformation of scientific research achievements, become the organizers and practitioners of key common technology research, and become the leading force leading the industry's innovation and development. .

The second is to make overall use of local innovation resources. Under the guidance of building an innovative national ideology, a number of national innovative pilot cities, national independent innovation demonstration zones, innovation reform pilot zones, and national science centers have settled in places. Some localities have established 'government, industry, research and research funds' to establish a platform for scientific and technological innovation. Establish scientific and technological achievements transfer and transformation centers. These local innovation resources may be transformed into plastic processing industry science and technology innovation conditions. To actively use local science and technology innovation resources, relying on the intelligence and information of national economic and technological development zones and high-tech industrial development zones, 4. Funds and policies to promote technological innovation in the plastics processing industry.

The third is the innovative resources of the academicians of the Institute. In the past 40 years of China's reform, opening up, and economic development, many scientific research institutions have played an important role, and they have enormous potential and energy. Effective use of the innovative power of universities, research institutes, and military units is the plastics processing industry to promote technological innovation. Focus on the development of a new type of research and development platform, the use of market means, to attract the strength of scientific research institutions, to play the role of academician leading innovation, and jointly promote the technological innovation of plastic processing industry.

The fourth is to coordinate social innovation resources. In recent years, the new dynamism of China's development has accelerated, the economic transformation and upgrading has been continuously enhanced, the vitality of social innovation has been increasing, the enthusiasm for innovation of enterprises has continued to increase, and the characteristics of innovative society have become more obvious. Enterprises in the plastic processing industry must comprehensively coordinate social innovation resources and introduce innovation. Technology, innovative talents, innovative capital, establish a vertical innovation system, form a social collaborative synergy and aggregation, maximize the accumulation of social innovation resources, and continuously promote the technological innovation of plastic processing industry.

Entering a new era, going to a new journey, welcoming a new future, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, firm confidence, hard work, unswervingly push forward scientific and technological innovation, and make new efforts to build a strong plastic processing industry Bigger contribution!