VAMP TECH is a two-pronged approach - | targeting the European and Chinese markets

VAMP TECH, a manufacturer and supplier of thermoplastic composites in Italy, specializes in the development, production and sales of flame retardant formulations and is now partnering with Suzhou Double Elephant, one of China's largest PMMA manufacturers.

The new distribution agreement signed by VAMP TECH and Suzhou Shuangxiang officially came into effect on July 1. This means that the company began to import PMMA materials from China. PMMA is mainly used in optical applications such as LCD screens, LED technology, fiber optics and automotive lighting.

Vome TECH spa marketing director Romeo De Castro

In the Fakuma exhibition area, Romeo De Castro, director of marketing for VAMP TECH spa, explained: 'In the past few years, there has been a shortage of supply of PMMA materials in Europe, so we have seen opportunities to import PMMA from outside Europe.'

From the very beginning, the company purchased PMMA from Italy's most important producers and distributed it to Italy. With the agreement, it is possible to expand its distribution business activities to other markets outside Italy.

'Today, some Chinese products are fully recognized by the European market. We also have some business contacts with China. Therefore, it has also contributed to the cooperation relationship with Suzhou Double Elephant. ' He added.

Electric vehicle mobile solution potential

At the same time, China is also a growing and important market for VAMP TECH's own products. So far, 50% of the company's products are exported, and China is VAMP TECH's third largest export market.

About 75% of VAMP TECH's products are used in the electrical and electronic industry. However, the company has found that the demand for high-performance materials in the automotive industry is rising, and that the Chinese market will become the main growth driver.

'Electric vehicles will become a major development trend in the automotive industry, especially in China. ' Romeo De Castro said, 'Our products can be used in electric vehicle battery systems, charging stations, cables, etc.'

Electric vehicles pose new challenges for the use of plastics. For example, common electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries are flammable in some cases. Potential sparks or high temperature conditions caused by system failure can cause flames, so flammability Is a major problem facing plastics.

At Fakuma, VAMP TECH is committed to improving the ability to solve this problem. In addition to its flame retardant properties, the product range meets some key requirements such as chemical resistance, heat resistance, dimensional stability and impact resistance.

In addition, the company has recently developed new materials in accordance with EN 45545-2 for its flame retardant solutions in the public transport sector.

VAMPALLOY 1527 V0 has been specified for the HL3 grade of the R22 / R23 series. This material is a PC / ABS blend specifically designed to replace PVC materials used to extrude cable channels and cable ducts.