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Medical Network October 30th 'It is a three-point drug, it depends on diet therapy', this is the man who lives in the first city district of Tiexi District, Shenyang City, 68-year-old Chen Lihua. However, I ate 120,000 yuan of health products. Not only did she not cure her bronchitis, but her condition was serious. She was found to have emphysema in the hospital last month. Chen Lihua is an elderly person living alone. On August 15th, she was on the 'health lecture' near the community. The first time I purchased 3,000 yuan and 10 bottles of 'Jingqi nourishing pills', and then I was out of control.
The old man deceived by 'lecture marketing' is far more than Chen Lihua.
Recently, some health care products sales outlets abandoned the leaflets, walked the streets and lanes, began to use the 'lecture marketing' approach, through the kind care, the cold way to gain the trust of the elderly, constantly upgrade the marketing strategy, change the tricks to let the elderly be fooled. The daily newspaper reporters found that the health products sold in these sales shops are not only high in price, no approval, but also caused many elderly people to abandon formal treatment and delay the illness. The health product sales shop disguised as an elderly community activity station to hold public health talks. To give eggs, noodles as bait, to lure the elderly to buy high-priced unqualified health products.
Tell: 120,000 yuan bought 400 bottles of 'Shen medicine'
'Pro-parents usually say that they don't listen, how can they listen to strangers, buy so much!' After pulling out more than 400 bottles of the carton, 'Jingqi nourishing pills', Chen Lihua's daughter Zhang Ruiqi was scared.
Chen Lihua has always been very cautious in spending. The flyers have never been picked up, and the discounts are not going to go. Listening to the downstairs 'Mrs. Lao Wang' said that the community opened a 'public health talk' to let her move. The middle of the night, severe cough, throat Swelling pain does not sleep well, she wants to hear it is not bad. At the beginning, the staff only talked about health, and introduced the fist product 'Jingqi Nourishing Pills' a week later, claiming that it contains allicin, propolis, protein powder and other kinds of strengthening the human body. Immune tonics specialize in treating various bronchitis and other low immunity diseases. 'A bottle of 300 yuan 30 capsules, buy more and send more.'
Shenyang, one of the top three hospital Respiratory physician Zhao Li introduced that bronchitis is a chronic non-specific inflammation of the bronchus caused by repeated infections of viruses and bacteria. Acute exacerbation requires medication, and immunity can not be cured.
On October 13th, a burst of laughter came from a shop without signs in Foshan Road, Yuhong District, Shenyang City. Looking for the sound, more than 40 old people in the glass window were sitting together, with a pennant on the wall and a pile of corners. There is a person in the bag of white noodles, a middle-aged man holding a microphone in front of the projection screen. When the reporter wants to visit, he is blocked outside the door. 'Our internal members engage in activities.' When she bought health supplements, she said that there was no health care product in the store.
July 1, 2016, National Food drug Implemented by the General Administration of Supervision and ManagementHealthy food Registration and Filing Management Measures stipulates that registration and filing management of health foods is carried out. In China, selling Health care products It’s a bright thing, why is it like 'underground activities'? Open the magazine, the reporter saw the certificate of health food registration, the certificate marked the product name, registration number, health function, etc. Can be reported in the national medicine Inquiries in the health care products section of the website, and did not find this health care product, the approval number is also fake.
The reporter interviewed 13 elderly people over the age of 60 who had purchased health care products and learned that the routines are similar and only sell to the elderly. One of the main sports on the Kaigong Street is free of charge, and the one on Dadong Road is giving away 7 days of Southeast Asia. The staff 'grandparents' are called intimate, squatting, chatting very intimate, and seem to be more filial than their own children. The content is mainly about publicity, sometimes there are gatherings, lottery, talent show, etc., but only one purpose, sales High-priced health products.
Analysis: Why 'lecture marketing' has repeatedly succeeded
With the country's popular knowledge of health care products and the acceleration of Internet information dissemination, many elderly people have realized the necessity and disadvantages of purchasing health care products. Why do you focus on the health products of the elderly?
Wang Jinhai, a lawyer from Liaoning Qingsong Law Firm, said that he has seized the health needs of the elderly, lacked the feeling of being alone with his family, and the mentality of being cheated and unwilling to defend his rights.
Among the deceived people interviewed by the reporter, they were plagued by high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatism, bone hyperplasia and other diseases. The overwhelming majority of the idea is 'do not burden children'. 'Operation, hospitalization is tens of thousands of yuan, can rely on Eat thousands of dollars of health care products, cost-effective ''go to the hospital for treatment, the doctor sent me away in three or five sentences. The salesman explained the pathology, let me feel reasonable and effective' 'Chinese medicine itself has 'medicine The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeating with the same, the side effects of taking medicine, the health care products are not, just conditioning '... The mistakes of medical treatment for the elderly are everywhere.
As of the end of 2017, the registered population of Liaoning 60 years old and above was 9,847,400. The number of empty nesters like Chen Lihua was 3,907,200, accounting for 40.75% of the elderly population.
Shenyang 12331 hotline (food and drug complaints report hotline) The staff told reporters that most of the deceived elderly lacked family companionship and felt lonely. Zhang Chunying old man, his wife died seven years ago, three children are in the field, the daughter of this city Two times a month, listening to the lecture became her rare 'happy time'. 'I made pasta delicious, one can't eat dumplings, I went to the store to use the flour to give the dumplings, everyone gathered together to eat dumplings, Zhenxiang. I also met a lot of sisters, everyone is lala, and the day is coming soon. The staff is also kind, always funny with me, even if I know that it is a salesman, I can always remember, go and be embarrassed not to buy.
I am afraid of children complaining, afraid of jokes, self-confessed, and paying for lessons, 'let others report the case'... The mentality of the elderly and children makes the liar have the opportunity to go unpunished. 'I have been to the Korean battlefield, such a large age People flickered, saying that they are too shameful, when I am unlucky, '89-year-old Cui Caiyou said. Zhang Chunying’s daughter learned that her mother was cheated and refused to complain or call the police. She told reporters that her mother is too old to toss. I am afraid that the rights will not get back the money but will get angry. The victims will not only have one mother, but some people will stand up to defend their rights.
According to reports, the Shenyang Food and Drug Administration will carry out food health food fraud and false publicity and rectification work almost every year. However, China’s health care products enterprise 'Re-approval and light supervision', health products have low entry barriers, fast sales channels, and one shot for a place. The low cost of illegal treatment makes it difficult to supervise. Some remote suburban counties are the blind spots for health care products.
Uncovering: Health care products are more harmful and harmful
'Many health care products pursue the marketing concept of 'can't eat people'. The health care products we sell are generally a few hundred yuan, the cost is only tens of yuan, some fake, and even the cost is only a few dollars. Can not eat bad, the body is not good ', Engaged in sales of health products for 5 years, Feng Jingyu, who recently planned to leave the industry, said.
According to Gu Yu, a secondary public nutritionist in Shenyang, there are three types of health products available on the market: one is nutritional supplements such as vitamins, calcium, iron, etc.; the other is Chinese herbal medicines such as American ginseng, Cordyceps, etc.; Classes are so-called modern biotech, such as peptides, nucleic acids, etc.
'In theory, health care products are mainly used to supplement people's health-related ingredients that are difficult to obtain from food, or to obtain insufficient amounts. They are suitable for specific populations, but they cannot treat diseases. Many nutritional products or food supplements have not undergone any effective tests. For example, a health food that improves sleep will add 'such as diazepam' for synergism, and it has the effect of inhibiting the central nervous system, which can be mandatory for lethargy. The drug can be used for anti-anxiety, sedation, and can only be used as a prescription drug. Use ', Gu Yu said, 'In addition, the elderly's own metabolic function is poor, too many things into the human body will cause the body's metabolic burden to increase. If overdose may also disrupt the normal endocrine of the human body, destroy the balance of the human diet, It is easy to cause disease. '
Wang Jinhai suggested that the deceived old people should not give up their rights. Once they find that they have been deceived, they can call the food and drug supervision and administration department to call '12331' to report the complaint. 'The food and drug supervision department will investigate and deal with it. Once the inspection reveals that there is a problem, it will be seized. Serious circumstances will be transferred to the public security organs for handling. This requires the elderly to provide certain information, the elderly can give these products to the relevant departments for identification, do not worry about children complaining or face up, reduce losses is the first.