Shaanxi's two-vote system of consumables is fully implemented! including counties, towns, villages

Medical Network October 30th News From November 1st, Shaanxi Province will implement a two-vote system of consumables at all levels of medical institutions in the province, including county, town, and village-level medical institutions. Counting, there are still two days.
Two days later, the two-vote system of consumables was fully implemented.
Speaking of the two-day period, it is related to a heavy document previously issued by Shaanxi Province.
On July 23 this year, Shaanxi Provincial Medical Reform Leading Group, Provincial Health Planning Commission, Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other eight departments jointly issued
Eight departments, including the Shaanxi Provincial Medical Reform Leading Group Office, further promoted drug And the notification of the 'two-vote system' for medical consumables (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which clearly states that from August 1, 2018, the grassroots medical and health institutions (including village clinics) in the county and below the county are in medicine, The "two-vote system" is implemented in the procurement of consumables. The "Notice" also clarifies that in order to ensure the 'two-vote system', a transition period can be established in each place, but no later than October 31, 2018.
In other words, from November 1st, 2018, Shaanxi Province's drug and consumables 'two-vote system' should be fully implemented.
The scope of implementation is no longer in accordance with the hospital level
Shaanxi Province started the consumables 'two-vote system' in the city's public hospitals on January 1, 2017, the first in the country. At that time, the county-level and town-level medical institutions proposed to implement the 'two-vote system' at the appropriate time. ' .
One contrast is that after implementing the 'two-vote system' in Shaanxi one year later, on December 1, last year, Anhui, a key province for medical reform, also began to implement a two-vote system of consumables across the province, which has received much attention. At that time, Anhui Province did not require administrative divisions, but required public hospitals above the second level to implement a two-vote system, followed by hospital grades.
The requirements of Shaanxi Province are fully implemented, not according to hospital grade.
There have been clues before, the small distributor crisis came
In fact, as early as last September, Shaanxi Province revealed that it was necessary to fully implement the two-vote system of consumables at all levels of medical institutions. At that time, the Shaanxi Provincial Government’s 13th Five-Year Plan was issued. medicine The Health System Reform Implementation Plan clearly states:
In addition to the city's public medical institutions to fully implement the drug two-vote system, encourage the 'one-vote system', compressed distribution enterprise Quantity. County, town, village medical and health institutions procurement of pharmaceutical supplies on the basis of the implementation of 'three unification', but also gradually transition to the 'two-vote system', and strengthen the integration of county towns and villages, improve distribution efficiency.
Saibailan equipment once issued a document saying that the above documents mean that during the '13th Five-Year Plan' period, Shaanxi's consumables 'two-vote system' reform will sink to the grassroots level, and all levels of public medical institutions will be fully implemented. The 'two-vote system' will also eliminate the screening of distributors.
The elimination of the distributors is the accompanying action of Shaanxi's consumables 'two-vote system' reform, which has a significant impact.
Elimination of screening, that is, first delineate a red line, medical institutions should not exceed 15 suppliers of consumables, and then each medical institution will openly select the distributors who provide distribution services for their own. This will result in a lot of ruin, some small Distributors basically lose city public hospital The competitiveness of the market can only find a place to survive in the primary medical market.
However, when the primary medical market has begun to fully implement the two-vote system, the situation of small distributors can be imagined.
Three special cases
Although the eight-part document of Shaanxi Province requires the two-vote system of consumables to be fully implemented from November 1, it also gives special considerations to ensure the supply of consumables at the grassroots level.
First, when distributing pharmaceutical consumables for grassroots medical security agencies in remote areas, it is allowed to open another purchase and sales invoice on the basis of 'two-vote system'. The specific medical and health institutions are determined by the county-level health and family planning administrative department, and Announcement on the website of the corresponding medical institution.
Second, medical institutions purchase It is difficult to implement the 'two-vote system' for all medical consumables used. It can be implemented from 13 categories of high-value medical consumables.
Third, the technical support for clinical use is high, clinically necessary but small in use, and other special high-value medical consumables. In order to ensure clinical supply, medical and health institutions may not implement the 'two-vote system', but need to be in this institution. Or announcement on the website of the county health and family planning administrative department.
Notice of the Eight Departments of the Shaanxi Provincial Medical Reform Leading Group Office on Further Promoting the 'Two-Ticket System' for Medicines and Medical Consumables