There is a kind of paper tearing

Paper is one of the most commonly used things in our life. In addition to the conventional fields of use, nautical coordinate paper, military map paper, high temperature resistant paper and other special fields of use require paper to be waterproof, high temperature resistant and not easy to tear. How is the paper produced?

In fact, this special-purpose paper is called synthetic paper, also known as chemical film paper, polymer paper, plastic paper, etc. Its main raw materials are polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other organic resins. Synthetic paper is both wear-resistant and not easy. Deformation, not easy to mold, strong under wet and dry conditions.

Synthetic paper generally has two kinds of preparation methods, one is processed by plastic film; the other is made by infiltrating wood pulp with synthetic fiber and made by ordinary paper making method.

The resin such as polyethylene is melted, extruded, formed into a film, and stretched in different axial directions to form a film. This film is the base of synthetic paper. Then, the edges of the film are roughened and the surface is roughened to make it opaque. The whiteness is improved, and a synthetic latex suitable for printing is applied to make a synthetic paper. The paper has high tensile strength and is not afraid of water, insects, elasticity, heat insulation and dimensional stability. Smooth surface, mostly used in fishery paper, nautical chart, wearing hole card, water resistant newspaper, record bag, merchandise label, outdoor advertising, business card, etc.

In addition, a very fine synthetic fiber is sprayed by melt-blown method to make a synthetic pulp, which is then made into synthetic paper of various specifications according to a general paper making process. Using this method, aramid fiber is used as a raw material. 2. The synthetic paper has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and flame resistance. It can be used as high temperature resistant fireproof paper.