ProTec, Germany develops an efficient and environmentally friendly polymer foaming system

Plett Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. last week at the Fakuma Plastics Industry Exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany Launched Somos Perfoamer physical plastic foaming system The system consists of a conditioning and impregnation unit that is fed directly into the injection molding machine after processing the pellets. Hans Schnell, senior technical expert in the field of project and processing, said: 'The successful development of the Perfoamer system has made plastic processors on an industrial scale. It has the advantage of the Plastinum foam injection molding process, which was jointly developed by Linde and Kunstoff-Institut Lüdenscheid.

The polymer pellets are dried and maintained at the optimum processing temperature in the conditioning unit and then impregnated with CO2 in an adjacent autoclave. A PLC control system that is compatible with the Industry 4.0 project ensures process quality consistency. The CO2 doped pellets are stored in a 250 liter tank and then transferred to an injection molding machine. The Perfoamer system is compatible with almost all injection molding machines.

Plastinum foam injection molding technology (basic version) was developed to combine the advantages of physical and chemical foaming. Linde said: 'The technology is simple to install and requires almost no modification to the injection molding equipment. And its cost is 60% lower than traditional physical foaming systems. . '

Most polymers, including biobased and engineering grade materials, purely sensitive thermoplastics, and composites, can be processed by the Somos Perfoamer system. According to ProTec, foaming can reduce the weight of materials by up to 60%, but the specifics It also depends on the type of material. The company adds: 'In addition, an increase in carbon dioxide content will result in a decrease in the viscosity of the polymer, which will improve melt flow and increase production efficiency.'

The ProTec polymer processing technology will provide plastic processing companies with material handling and recycling technologies as well as LFT pultrusion lines.