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ExxonMobil brings new solutions to CWP to meet the needs of wind turbine development

October 18, 2018, Beijing, China - Recently, during the 2018 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, ExxonMobil released its new Mobil SHCTM grease 681 WT, which was developed for high-power fans. High viscosity provides superior wear protection for high-load bearings in harsh operating environments. ExxonMobil, which has been rooted in the Chinese wind power market for many years, is committed to meeting the wind power industry with an all-round upgrade of comprehensive lubrication solutions. The changing lubrication demand will help the wind power industry to further develop.

During the exhibition, Mobil® Industrial Lubricants included a series of high-performance lubrication products including new products and Mobil®® Windshield Service, which received wide attention from the audience. ExxonMobil also provided VR experience opportunities. Help users to learn more about the advanced services of Mobil® wind power oil trucks.

With the rapid development of China's wind power industry, the scale of development of offshore and onshore wind farms is also expanding, and high-power units are increasingly being put into operation. According to the plan, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China will achieve 5 MW to 6 The installation of MW large-scale offshore wind turbines is standardized and the operation and maintenance of the unit is intelligent. At the same time, the extension of the onshore wind power market to the southern Middle East and other power load centers has also driven the continuous growth of large-capacity onshore units.

In line with this development trend, domestic major wind turbine manufacturers have actively invested in the research and development and installation of high-power units, but the bearings of high-power fans need to withstand heavy loads, which puts higher reliability for operation. The new Mobil SHCTM grease 681 WT, which is closely related to equipment manufacturers, is based on the development of high-power fans and is specially designed for heavy-duty fan main bearings to meet wind power requirements. Market demand for high-power units. The product has good viscosity-temperature performance, providing excellent bearing protection even in watery and severe temperatures; its outstanding resistance to wear, rust and corrosion, It can help heavy-duty bearings to effectively 'compress pressure', helping to improve their reliability and service life, thus helping customers to reduce unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs, and effectively improve production efficiency.

ExxonMobil continues to accelerate the pace of innovation and development, creating a range of high-performance lubrication products for wind power users. For example, synthetic bearing greases, including balanced formulations, Mobil SHCTM grease 460 WT with outstanding durability Series, lower viscosity, Mobil SHCTM Grease 102 WT with excellent low temperature flow and pumping performance, and Mobilith SHCTM 100 series greases that provide strong protection for power generation bearings. These products are already in effect. The wind turbines of many domestic and foreign wind farms have been verified to provide a full range of lubrication protection for wind turbines in extreme climates, harsh temperatures and harsh conditions.

Mobil® Industrial Lubricant Fan Bearing Grease Applications

As one of the first lubrication suppliers in the industry, in addition to high-performance products, ExxonMobil also attaches great importance to the innovation of wind power services, and always strives to create a more professional, more comprehensive and more targeted lubrication solution for Chinese users. The recently upgraded Mobil®® service further embodies the Mobil®® professional lubrication, service-to-home brand concept. In addition to Mobil® oil analysis, lubrication consulting and lubrication In addition to the professional services of various industries such as Knowledge Lecture Hall, ExxonMobil will provide Mobil®® Windshield® services to customers in the wind power industry based on the actual use of wind turbines and customer needs, which will further improve equipment stability and reduce maintenance costs. , the greater potential of mining equipment.

Mr. Yang Dong, General Manager of ExxonMobil (China) Investment Limited Industrial Lubricants, said: 'In the face of the Chinese wind power market full of opportunities and challenges, ExxonMobil continues to upgrade its products and services with its rich experience in lubrication management. With comprehensive lubrication solutions, we are committed to ensuring the safety, environmental protection and high efficiency of wind turbines in all aspects, meeting the increasing lubrication needs of wind power companies, and working together with wind power companies to protect the future of China's wind power.