Finnish paint launches Halloween event: Send Romantik interior paint

Halloween is coming. In this special day marking the end of summer and the beginning of winter, Finland's high-end paint brand Finlay paint has prepared a special gift for the majority of WeChat fans, through the 'Fenlin paint' WeChat public number 'Halloween, pick up Finlay' game, you have the chance to win the Finnish original imported paint 'Finlin Romantik interior wall paint' and 'Crown York Super Interior Wall Paint' and surrounding gifts for free.

Finlay Paint is a high-end strategic brand paint launched by the Finnish Tikkurila Group in China. Since its establishment in 1862, the Tikkurila Group has become a recognized professional paint manufacturer in Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia, with a high reputation. As the main brand of Tikkurila, Lin Lai has won the recognition and trust of Chinese consumers with its excellent environmental performance, highly personalized color system and excellent service, and has become a high-profile coating in the domestic high-end coating market. Brand.

The event's prizes 'Finlin Romantik Interior Paint' and 'Crown York Super Interior Paint' are the best in the original imported products of Finnish paint. They not only pass the harsh Finnish M1 certification, but also have the Nordic white swan. Eco-certification, European eco-label certification, and recommended by the European Association for the Prevention of Asthma, with excellent environmental protection, fine paint film, excellent hiding power, make the wall lasting and beautiful.

To experience these two highly environmentally friendly paint products, you can participate in the game through the bottom menu bar 'Halloween Gifts' on the bottom of the Finnish paint WeChat public account from October 29th to November 2nd. Lin Paint has the opportunity to win for free. At the same time, the Fenlin paint store in all regions of the country can also purchase the cool effects brought by these two high-end eco-friendly paints.

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