Plant fiber plastic straws are expected to improve environmental problems

According to relevant data, marine plastics such as disposable straws will cause the death of 100,000 marine mammals every year. Now people drink cold drinks or other beverages, mostly plastic straws, but a Taiwanese startup is trying to change the status quo.

Huang Jianzhong, head of the company, said that when designing the plant plastic straw, we have noticed the problem of plastic waste, especially marine pollution. This straw contains a lot of plant fiber, so when these straws enter the ocean, especially some Algae-based species are also edible and digest these fibers.

According to the developer of the straws, these straws can withstand temperatures of minus 20 to minus 50 degrees Celsius, but they acknowledge that developing this plant fiber straw is also a challenge for them.

The relevant person in charge said that the molecular chains of these plant fibers cannot be as uniform as ordinary plastics. They are very easy to break during the production process. Once this happens, we must stop the production line to adjust. After all, their stability is not as good. plastic.

Although the current cost of plant plastic straws is five times that of ordinary straws, they say they will gradually increase production and reduce production costs. If this type of plastic straws are popular, it will greatly help the environment.