JTEKT successfully developed the CBN small crankshaft grinding machine "GF16S" series

In the field of small-sized crankshaft machining, such as robot reducers and air-conditioner compressors, the company has developed the "GF16S" series of CBN small crankshaft grinders that have achieved high precision and high speed performance that have not been realized so far. , officially began sales on September 3.

Product characteristics

1 high speed, high precision

1) C-X simultaneous 2-axis controlled grinding

Through the lightweight grinding wheel table, static pressure guide rail, linear motor driven high-resistance grinding wheel table feeding mechanism, the reduction of idling and backlash is achieved. Improve the precision and quality of the crank surface.

2) High efficiency grinding

Through the adoption and optimal design of the direct drive grinding wheel shaft, the 'weight reduction' and 'low center of gravity' on the grinding wheel table are realized. With this design, the movement of the grinding wheel table will be better responsive and improved by The follow-up of the spindle table rotation, shortening the processing cycle.


As the grinding wheel shaft of the 'heart' part of the grinding machine, we use the hybrid bearing 'TOYODA STAT BEARING' with dynamic and static pressure. Because there is no metallic friction grinding wheel shaft with long service life, and through high rigidity and High attenuation performance construction for high precision grinding.

4) Reduce processing defects

By using a high-precision magnetic separator that achieves high-precision grinding, the filtered cutting fluid can achieve a cleanliness of 30 ppm, which also largely eliminates machining defects and equipment failure problems caused by cutting fluid impurities.

* The residual mass of the cutting fluid of 30ppm・・・1L is about 30mg.

2 increase in production capacity

1) Shorter working hours

With the standard accessory taper adjustment handwheel, simple taper adjustment is possible, and the tool change time is reduced by approximately 1/10.

2) Increase in production capacity per unit area

The space saving is realized by the compactness of the main device, the effective configuration of the space, etc. And because the processing cycle is shortened, the production capacity per unit area can be increased by 2.3 times compared with the original model.

3) Saving energy

The grinding wheel bearing structure is further optimized for grinding resistance. By reducing the capacity of each shaft motor, the power consumption can be reduced by 50% compared with the original model.

4) Automation correspondence

It can be combined with the customer's production form to provide customers with a proposal for an automated system such as a robot transfer system.

3 peace of mind


The standard HMI "TOYOPUC-Touch" is equipped with the IoE era. It realizes visualization, flexible operation, and visualization of equipment status through large-scale operation interface, and supports customers' daily work.

In the future, we will also be the leader in the grinding machine industry, providing customers with high value-added equipment such as high precision, high productivity, high reliability, and continue to contribute to the world's manufacturing industry.