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In the era of short video patterns today, vlog video log is now a short video of the hottest one. Use the video to record your life experience, and then through splicing clips, make a personal feature of the video life record.

And the shooting belongs to their own vlog need good equipment, Sony camera AX60 on a shooting vlog essential weapon, excellent 4K picture quality to bring the image to life, and the body's own fast editing function quickly stitching into your vlog. Bustling streets, rich life, will inspire the imagination of the photographer, at this time in order to better shooting angle, always climb down, will also run or shake. While running, it is easy to get a picture of the paste out of the situation, miss some perfect, like the scene is always so regrettable. Sony 4K camera AX60 5-axis anti-shake function on the basis of the original smooth optical stabilization, the addition of electronic image analysis technology, effectively compensate for jitter from five directions, in the zoom, walking, running and other stability of the scene, still can shoot a smooth and smooth video, no longer worry about the screen shake badly,

Or miss the wonderful moment. There is also a headache for the photographer, is how to capture the distant self? Sometimes the scenes need to be taken by themselves and may need to go very far to shoot themselves. However, some cameras take a distant scene, will appear blurred, shooting unclear and so on, thus affecting their own vlog creation. can only be reconciled to give up such a shoot.

But Sony 4K camera AX60 has 20 times times the optical zoom, a little closer, a distant image or character, will be ' nowhere to hide '. Let you create your own perfect vlog when editing. When all the vlog materials are ready, the next step is how to string them together to create a unique vlog. Sony 4K camera AX60 think very thoughtful, take into account some of the special circumstances do not clip personnel, provide a very useful function--quick editing. The photographer can edit an exclusive vlog with transitions and music in the machine simply by selecting the highlights, setting the length of the video and the soundtrack.

After a piece of content, you can also wirelessly transfer the video to your smartphone or tablet, share it with us, and share the time of your shooting. Sony 4k camera AX60 such a powerful camera, and when shooting vlog, so many excellent features.

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