Can listen and say will do | Meiling released voice smart refrigerator

On October 27, 2018, at the 60th Anniversary Strategy and Product Launch Conference of Changhong Jianye, the home appliance brand Meiling released a M fresh voice intelligent refrigerator equipped with full voice interactive technology, which has the ability to listen and say ' Vitality, not only can clearly understand the various needs of users in the dialogue, but also can achieve automatic door opening, 3 seconds of flash memory and food management functions.

Mei Ling, vice president of Meiling, said that for the pursuit of freedom, Meiling has never stopped. 'The birth of the refrigerator is to achieve the user's free pursuit of fresh life. In 2017, the release of M fresh refrigerator, let us enjoy every day. Fresh life without the freedom to buy fresh ingredients every day. Today, the birth of M fresh voice smart refrigerator, once again realized our 'lazy' do not want to start only want to open the refrigerator freely.

Create a free life Meiling finds the key to the AI ​​world

The wave of the AI ​​era is sweeping away, and the door to the AI ​​world is gradually opening up to all walks of life. As an important area of ​​the AI ​​world, the home appliance industry is bound to usher in a new revolution. At this point, who can first find the open AI world The key to this door, who can pre-emptively understand this era, seize the opportunity of the times.

It is in this era that the Meiling M Fresh Voice Intelligent Refrigerator came into being. This refrigerator equipped with the full voice interactive technology developed by Meiling has realized the voice command of people, and can automatically open and close the door without the need for a refrigerator. Freedom. 'When the refrigerator products work together with AI technology, this cold hardware is endowed with vitality. The refrigerator is no longer just a container for fresh food, but an important carrier for our free life.' Dr. Zhong Ming stressed.

Dr. Zhong Ming, Vice President of Meiling, Debuts the New M Fresh Voice Intelligent Refrigerator

Through the industry's first full voice interaction technology, Meiling M Fresh Voice Intelligent Refrigerator has the vitality of 'can listen and speak.' It not only clearly understands the various needs of users in the dialogue, but also enables automatic door opening and closing. 3 seconds of flash memory and food management functions. For consumers, this new product can help us to enjoy the future free life experience of intelligent, living, and technologically-integrated human-computer interaction while liberating our hands.

'Mei Ling found a key to open the door to the AI ​​world of home appliances, and the free life of the AI ​​era is close at hand.' Wen Weiping, chairman and president of, said: 'The wave of intelligence and the convergence of AI capabilities have swept the home appliances. Market, intelligent product standard AI has gradually become the consensus of home appliance enterprises. Meiling voice smart refrigerator launches targeted solutions and builds an open ecology by touching the core pain points of users, and is combining product technology with vertical scenes to make consumers' lives better. More free. '

It is worth mentioning that the M fresh voice intelligent refrigerator is also equipped with Meiling's original water molecule activation and preservation technology, so that the refrigerator has a new skill of long-term preservation. As Dr. Zhong Ming said at the press conference: 'This technology Innovation has given people greater freedom. It took a week to buy a dish. Now you can buy it once a month.

Of course, in addition to full voice interaction technology and water molecule activation and preservation technology, Meiling M fresh voice intelligent refrigerator also has 'full voice interaction technology, voice switch door, private kitchen space, water molecule activation preservation technology, technology can see ' It is the first of five major industries to truly let users realize 'free hands, liberate time, and liberate health'.

Adhere to people-oriented Meiling unlocks a new posture of intelligent ecological competition

Behind the user's freedom is the company's infinite imagination of the future of AI. It also highlights its innovation and focus on technology. For Meiling, the starting point of all this is the pain point of the user. In other words, people-oriented, square Can truly unlock the new posture of intelligent ecological competition, seize the opportunity of the AI ​​free era.

People-oriented, trace the roots, is to adhere to the user's thinking, starting from the needs of humanization, relying on humanized wisdom, based on research and development of innovative smart technology, from the development and industrialization of products, the layout of smart home appliances ecosystem, and The entrance contributes to building a smart life and transforms the future lifestyle of mankind.

On the road of transformation and upgrading, Changhong and Meiling are young, and will continue to deepen the intelligent strategy guided by 'new three coordinates', and gather high-quality resources to focus on the development of information appliances. 'Accelerate the reform and transformation, Changhong strives to break through 200 billion yuan by 2025 . Zhao Yong, Chairman of Changhong Group stressed.

In fact, the birth of Meiling M Fresh Voice Intelligent Refrigerator not only overcomes the key technical problems in the field of smart refrigerators, but also enhances the human-computer interaction experience, and realizes the horizontal layout of the intelligent voice interaction technology of Meiling white power system, further strengthening The overall advantage of Meiling Zhihui's ecological circle. At the press conference, Meiling also released the CHiQ5 air conditioner, which integrates the three core functions of listening, vocal, voice and audio.

Meiling Vice President Dr. Zhong Ming released CHiQ5 generation air conditioner

The layout of the products has enabled Meiling's intelligent ecological construction to be continuously improved. At the same time, the innovative research and development of technology has accelerated this process.

After years of technology precipitation and data accumulation, based on Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, Meiling continues to promote smart homes from the initial device interconnection, to scene services, to product self-upgrading, self-learning, self-diagnosis. , is constantly transforming from product operation to 'product + service' user operation.

'Mei Ling's wisdom ecological map has been initially presented. ' Mei Ling Chairman Li Wei said that from the construction of the Zhihui home ecosystem, Meiling has always adhered to the people-oriented, adhere to the 'intelligent, networked, synergistic' of the 'new three coordinates' intelligence Strategy, relying on strong technical strength, explore the core of intelligent home appliances data, break the original product form of TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and smart kitchen and other end products, and continue to iterative upgrade to create the ultimate free life experience for users.

The appearance of 'M Fresh Voice Intelligent Refrigerator directly conveys the deeper level of 'Future has come' to the outside world, and once again raises the competitive threshold in the field of smart refrigerators. 'Wu Jianping, Chairman and President of Aowei Cloud Network, said: ' Meiling M freshsheng voice smart refrigerator is priced at up to 29,999 yuan, which is not only a new price, but also a new label for high-end intelligence.

Opened the door of the AI ​​era and unlocked the new posture of intelligent ecological competition. Meiling has taken the first step in the era of AI free life. Next, Meiling will continue to explore in the field of AI technology to accelerate the innovation of the home appliance industry. The integration of artificial intelligence technology combines technology, scene and equipment to create a smarter and more convenient life for users, and set an intelligent enterprise benchmark for the industry.

'This innovation, we seized the freedom.' Meiling President Wu Dinggang said with a smile.

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