Xiaomi USB PD fast charge charger disassembly summary

From the previous QC2.0, QC3.0 to USB PD, QC4+, the charging technology has risen several steps. As the national mobile phone brand with the main cost performance, Xiaomi applied QC3.0 fast charging technology for the first time on Xiaomi 5, and Standard 18W QC3.0 fast charge charger MDY-08-EH.

Starting from Xiaomi 6, Xiaomi has also been involved in the USB PD fast charging technology, and continues to carry forward in the follow-up Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi MIX series, becoming one of the few manufacturers in China to launch QC4+ fast-charge mobile phones.

In terms of notebook computers, Xiaomi has also released a number of products that support USB PD fast charging. The output power of the charger has also been upgraded to 45W, 65W, and a variety of USB PD charger accessories have been introduced. The charger is gradually enriched.

Up to now, the charging head network has disassembled 5 USB PD chargers from Xiaomi. They are 45W, 65W with cable version, 45W, 65W without cable, and a six-port charging with a total output of 60W. Here is a summary of the disassembly of these USB PD chargers:

1, millet ADC4501TM

Edit Comment: The shape and color of this power supply is very similar to that of Apple's similar power supply. It comes with a USB-C cable, which is convenient for charging the fast charging device of USB-C interface directly. The root of the power output line is reinforced to ensure durability. The charger uses RICHTEK's complete solution, the primary main control model is RT7786, and the USB PD controller model is RT7207. The big factory solution has guaranteed performance, but this charger only supports USB PD fast charging protocol. Laptop charging is more suitable. Disassemble the original: "Millet USB Type-C 45W power adapter to disassemble ADC4501TM"

2, Xiaomi ADC6501TM

Edit Comment: Xiaomi's 65W charger with line shape is basically the same as the 45W line version, but the volume is slightly larger; the charger supports 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V five-speed voltage output, the maximum output power can be Up to 65W, the internal component layout space of the charger has a certain reservation, which is conducive to the power supply cooling; the protocol is the Weltrend Vision PD controller WT6630P. Disassemble the original: "Millet USB Type-C 65W power adapter disassemble ADC6501TM"

3, millet CDQ02ZM

Edit Comment: Xiaomi CDQ02ZM 45W charger supports five PD voltage output, and is compatible with QC3.0/2.0 fast charge, can achieve fast charging for more Android devices, and good compatibility, balance between volume and power. Charger internal The Fairchild FAN602 primary quasi-resonant PWM controller is used, and the WT6632F is used as the USB PD controller, which is compatible with the QC fast charge protocol. Disassemble the original text: "Support PD and QC millet 45W USB-C power supply CDQ02ZM evaluation"

4, millet CDQ07ZM

Edit Comment: Xiaomi's 65W USB PD charger has 20W power in the same volume as 45W. Infineon CoolMos contributes to the highest possible power density in a small volume. High-precision resistors give power Stability at high load and high temperature, output voltage and protection point will not be affected by operating temperature. Both the transformer and the power tube are cooled by the entire surface of the heat sink, reducing the temperature of the charger, and the output solid capacitor provides a longer working life and Reliability. Dismantle the original text: "Line separation: Xiaomi USB-C power adapter (65W) CDQ07ZM disassembly"

5, Xiaomi CDQ06ZM

Edit Comment: Xiaomi 6-port USB charger 60W fast charge version, compliant with the era of USB-C output, support USB PD fast charge, and USB-C port can also QC3.0/2.0, FCP, APPLE2.4A and other agreements, Compared with the previous work, the utility model is greatly improved. The 5V high current output and fast charge independent design can effectively reduce the heat accumulation during high power output. The fast charge port adopts synchronous rectification step-down, fixed voltage output switching power supply plus synchronization. Rectified output, efficient and flexible combination, output solid capacitor, providing stable, pure output to this charger, and we are also seeing the Nanxin chip in the charger for the first time, which represents the rise of domestic autonomy. The original text: "Millet 6-port USB charger 60W fast charge version (CDQ06ZM) out of the box dismantling"

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