Millet has a product to sell purple rice mobile power 10000mAh high with version: straight down 10 yuan

On October 21st, Xiaomi Eco-chain Zi Mi launched a new 10000mAh two-way fast-charge mobile power supply with a high-end version, priced at 149 yuan, today officially on the shelves of millet products, the new special price of 139 yuan.

ZMI 10000mAh two-way fast charging mobile power high version, with 'herringbone' weaving, more stereoscopic The natural essence and modern technology are perfectly integrated. The winter is not frozen. The size of the measurements is only 140.6X72X15.9mm, weighing 205g, which is convenient to carry.

It uses USB-C and Micro-USB input interfaces. Both interfaces support 18W fast charging, among which the USB-C interface is the input interface and the output interface. When using the USB-C interface alone, it can provide 18W fast charging for smart devices. When using the USB-A interface alone, it can also provide 18W charging for smart devices, and the dual port can output up to 5V/3A at the same time.

Double-click the power detection button of the ZMI 10000mAh two-way fast charging mobile power supply with high version. The blue light on the side of the fuselage will light up, and the mobile power will enter the small current charging mode. At the same time, the USB-C interface of the computer can also be connected through the USB-C interface. Expansion of the body USB-A interface, can read the U disk, connect the mouse.

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