Fast light fingerprint + practical handheld night view | One plus 6T get started evaluation

Starting from one plus three generations, one plus has maintained the rhythm of one year's two flagships. The general strategy is a one-year design, but the two models before and after the hardware parameters and software functions are advancing with the times. And to achieve the ultimate speed optimization. With such rhythm and strategy, I have come up with my own set of growth rules, which can be said to be the only non-first-line brand in the mobile phone industry.

▲ one plus 6T appearance

▲ one plus 6T drop screen

▲ Liu Hai contrast (left: one plus 6T; right: one plus 6)

This year's May 1st released the seventh flagship mobile phone plus 6, and after half a year, the eighth flagship mobile phone plus 6T is officially to meet with you. From the first point of view, one plus 6 and 6T in appearance The change is not too big, but after you get started, you can feel that there is a lot of perfection and evolution for 6 plus 6T. First, the most obvious front is that the top of the forehead is smaller, and the drop-shaped design is used, the front camera And the earpiece is placed in the middle to make a symmetrical design, the sensor such as light perception is hidden, compared to a plus 6 forehead to be more harmonious.

▲ border contrast (left: one plus 6T; right: one plus 6)

In addition to the front of the forehead, it is rare that the one plus 6T four-sided border is further narrowed than the previous generation, especially the lower border is narrowed by 1.5mm, although the data is minimal, but because the width of the entire body is also included with the frame. Narrow, so I feel that it will bring a certain improvement to the sense of control. In addition, the four borders are narrowed and the forehead is smaller, so that the front of the whole mobile phone is more pure. The official has a budget of 6T and the screen is from 6 to 6. 84% increase to 86%, this data is quite true according to our evaluation experience.

▲ one plus 6T back

▲ one plus 6T back

One plus 6T has added the light-sensitive screen fingerprint technology, so the fingerprint recognition area is removed on the back, which makes the back of the whole body more clean. The back is made of Corning Gorilla 5th generation 3D curved glass, and the inner layer of the glass has six layers of optics. The coating creates a metallic black and ceramic black porcelain, and adds an S-shaped light pattern to the black of the slate. It will entice you to shine this effect from time to time to satisfy yourself. The outer layer of glass Attached with AF anti-fingerprint coating, the actual experience of the black version of the black rock is not easy to see fingerprints, but more pure bright porcelain black is not easy to avoid the appearance of fingerprints.

▲ one plus 6T: three-stage mute button

▲ one plus 6T bottom interface

The bottom is the more controversial place of this plus 6T, which is to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack (the official promise to buy the opportunity to send the transfer interface), after the removal, the bottom layout is more symmetrical, but more important than the symmetry is a plus 6T The battery capacity has been expanded from 3,300 mAh to 3,700 mAh, and users who are not heavily used can even charge it in two days.

▲ back cover contrast (left: one plus 6; right: one plus 6T)

One plus 6T this brightest place is to add light-sensitive screen fingerprints. In fact, it is known from the communication process that the fingerprint recognition technology has been contacted and trial-produced since the addition of 5T, but it is limited by the time. Technical perfection, whether it is recognition speed, recognition rate or environmental adaptability are far from the requirements of Liu Zuohu, so it has not been added until the later one plus six.

▲Light fingerprint module

The input process of fingerprint recognition for a 6T light-sensing screen and the input process of ordinary fingerprint recognition are basically the same in time and experience. From the experience of the scene, the fingerprint recognition rate of a 6T light-sensitive screen is very high, rarely appearing. To identify the error, you need to press the finger again. I tried to unlock the position with another mobile phone LED light, and the recognition rate is still very good.

▲ one plus 6T unlock demo

In terms of recognition speed, one plus 6T is also the fastest in several screen fingerprint phones on the market, but the entire unlocking process experience needs to be perfected from the sensitivity of the bright screen. One plus 6T screen fingerprint unlock trigger mechanism first It needs a bright screen, and there is also a setting for 'slightly moving the phone's bright screen' in the phone. When you pick up the phone in your trouser pocket or desktop, this bright screen will work normally and naturally, but if you are always on the hand If you hold the mobile phone, when you turn off the screen once and then want to wake up the screen by shaking the mobile phone, this becomes a 'random event'. I think the sensitivity of this 'slightly mobile phone bright screen' function is not enough or The bright screen logic is not perfect, so I hope the official can further improve.

▲ One-button fingerprint payment demonstration (PS: Since the author did not log in to Alipay, there is no jump out of the QR code interface)

In terms of functions, the 6T light-sensitive screen fingerprint not only supports the regular recognition function such as Alipay/WeChat payment, but also inherits the long-press function of the previous physical fingerprint recognition. As long as the finger continues to stay on the screen for a while after unlocking, It can directly reach the payment interface of Alipay/WeChat, which is very convenient for many payment scenarios. And one plus 6T has more thinking than long-term fingerprint recognition function, you can add 6 commonly used APPs. Select and enter these apps directly after long press to unlock.

▲ one plus 6T camera

One plus 6T this camera hardware still uses the IMX519 (1600w, f / 1.7 aperture) + IMX376K (2000w), the basic functions are OIS optical image stabilization + EIS electronic image stabilization, AI scene judgment optimization, 4K resolution 60 Frame recording, 240 frames / 480 frames of slow motion video, etc., and the focus is this time, a self-developed Nightscape algorithm for night scenes, packaged into a single frame by multi-frame synthesis, anti-shake, noise reduction, enhanced analysis, etc. Especially suitable for handheld night shooting mode.

▲ one plus 6T super night mode

Normal mode

Super night mode

By using this mode, you can get a piece of brightness that is particularly strong and will not be pasted when you keep it for a little while. It is reassuring and accurate in the actual experience. The degree is greatly improved, enough to become a commonly used function.

▲ one plus 6 and one plus 6T

Finally talk about the parameters, one plus 6T this time is still equipped with Qualcomm's most powerful Snapdragon 845 processor, storage with 6+128G, 8+128G and 8G+256G third gear optional, using a 6.41 inch ratio of 19.5:9 AMOLED screen, rear camera with Sony IMX519 + IMX376K CMOS, pixel 1600w + 2000w, support IOS optical image stabilization & EIS electronic image stabilization, the main aperture is f / 1.7, front camera 1600w pixels. Still have 5V4A Up to 20W power DASH flash charging, battery capacity 3700 mAh, pre-installed Android P underlying hydrogen OS, network dual card supports 3G/4G+ network in 38 bands worldwide.

▲ one plus 6T price

In terms of selling price, the price of a 6T 6GB+128GB version in the United States is 549 US dollars (about 3,821 yuan), and the price of the middle version is 579 US dollars (about 4030 yuan). The price is 629 US dollars (about 4,378 yuan). In addition, this conference also officially announced the cooperation with the US operator T-Mobile, more than 5,600 stores in the United States, so that more American partners can experience To one plus 6T.