Double eleven in front of you | Counting which thousand yuan machine worth buying

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In the twinkling of an eye, it will come to the end of October, and the most anticipated holiday next month is the 'Double Eleven Shopping Festival' of the national carnival. Although there is only one day for the Double Eleven Carnival, many merchants have already prepared in advance. To welcome this holiday, it is not until November, major manufacturers will put out the preferential, it is necessary to attract more users to pay attention. With mobile phone manufacturers and major e-commerce platforms to carry out activities one after another, more and more Cost-effective mobile phones are starting to surface. Whether you pay more attention to the appearance of your mobile phone or have a special requirement for a certain function of your mobile phone, I believe there is always a product that will satisfy you. For many small budget partners, choose one. The ability to use the thousand yuan machine with a good appearance is a very correct choice. So, when the double eleven is approaching, which thousand yuan machine is worth buying? Let's look at today's recommendation.

Lenovo Lenovo S5 Pro (parameters offer forum software)

Reference price: 1298 yuan

Due to the limitation of mobile phone prices, the previous thousand yuan machine is often not very satisfactory in taking pictures, but many products released recently have made us full of surprises in taking pictures. Recently, Lenovo released a new national mobile phone Lenovo S5 Pro, this part With the 'Idol-level self-timer', the powerful photo performance, the students who like to take pictures, it is right.

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The Lenovo S5 Pro is equipped with a 6.2-inch bangs full screen, 2246x1080 resolution, a ratio of 19: 9, with a 3D floating screen design, a full metal body design, 7.7mm ultra-thin body, and used to enhance the feel of the 205 Shot peening process. Configuration, Lenovo S5 Pro mobile phone using Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, standard 6GB + 64GB storage; 3500mAh battery capacity, while supporting 18W fast charge and USB Type-C interface.

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Known as 'the strongest front-mounted dual-camera', Lenovo is working hard on the front double camera. Lenovo has equipped the S5 Pro with 20 million + 8 megapixel AI dual camera, support 3D beauty, and 3D repair light function, through The comparison and collection of body characteristics information of 50 million people, Lenovo S5 Pro's 3D imaging of human edge information accuracy increased by 200%, each beat is idol level. Back shot 20 million Sony AI super picture quality dual camera; f /1.8 large aperture; optical zoom, AI 3D system-level beauty, portrait, zoom, dark light, backlighting are clear; zero-light face unlock, black environment to unlock quickly.

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