Executive Vice President Zhang Kelin attended the opening ceremony of the 14th China (Foshan) Machinery and Equipment Exhibition and delivered a speech

The 14th China Machinery Equipment Exhibition and the 16th China (Chencun) Machine Tool Expo was held from October 17th to 20th, 2018 in Shunlian International Machinery City, Chencun, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Zhang Kelin Executive Vice President Long attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and delivered a speech.

Foshan is a famous manufacturing city in Guangdong and even the whole country. The industrial base is strong, and the equipment manufacturing industry is the first pillar industry of Foshan. The exhibition scale of this Foshan Machinery Exhibition is about 25,000 square meters. The permanent exhibition area of ​​the Machinery City is over 100,000 square meters. High-end mechanical products, automation equipment, robot companies actively participate in the exhibition, 28 professional purchasing groups visited, procurement, exchange, professional audience reached 35,000. The pragmatic landing is an important feature of Foshan Machinery Exhibition, on the one hand this Foshan Machinery Exhibition main 'Intelligent' label, imported many automation, intelligent technology equipment enterprises; On the other hand, many technologies exhibited in this exhibition have been integrated with local enterprises, and formed innovative technology products, such as stainless steel, aluminum profiles, 3C products Manufacturing demand-oriented intelligent complete sets of technical equipment have taken root in Foshan.

In recent years, in the context of the upgrading of manufacturing shifts in South China, the demand for automation and intelligent manufacturing technology equipment has increased significantly, further enhancing the level and scale of Foshan equipment manufacturing. As an important part of Foshan equipment manufacturing industry, in the city, With the support of the town and government, Chencun Shunlian International Machinery City has carried out a series of transformation and upgrading measures based on the original professional market of mechanical equipment. First, further build Foshan Machinery Exhibition: Actively introduce market demand and industry in line with Foshan and South China. The development direction of automation and intelligent technology and equipment, to serve the development of local enterprises; Second, to promote the transformation and upgrading of Shunlian Machinery City: After nearly three years of development, 'Shunlian Zhixinghui Science and Technology Park' smoothly operated, Shunlian Machinery City gradually The professional market, transforming into a specialized market and a technology incubator, a new industrial base with both trade and technological innovation, including the Shuangchuangcheng advanced equipment incubator, the Zhubajie network, the West Bank Shuangchuang Park, and hundreds of Kawasaki robots. The corporate brand entered the park. In March this year, Huagong Innovation Park of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in Shunlian Zhihui The successful landing of the Science and Technology Park is an important platform for Huazhong University of Science and Technology to rely on the rich manufacturing base of South China to carry out the transformation of technological achievements.

As an important cooperation unit of China Mobile in South China, Chencun Town Government and Chencun Shunlian International Machinery City attach great importance to cooperation with China Mobile. It is hoped that through multi-level industry exchanges, event organization and project work, the park will be further promoted. And the development of the local industry. Zhang Kelin executive vice president said that with the commissioning of Guangzhou South Railway Station, Shunlian Machinery City has become a fertile ground for investment and entrepreneurship. China Mobile has attached great importance to the use of Shunlian Machinery City as a fulcrum to radiate South China and serve Guangdong. Regional equipment industry development.