Kaixiang Chemical PBT device achieves full load

On October 24, Henan Kaixiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. announced that the operating load of the company's PBT equipment has been raised to 100%, the best level in history.

The device is the largest single-capacity PBT production plant in China, and has the first domestic esterification production technology. In the initial stage of plant installation, process fluctuations, equipment start-stop, product failure and other issues continue.

'At that time, we have invested a lot of manpower and resources. If we choose to adopt domestic Japanese or German technology, our efforts will be lost for many years, and in the face of ever-changing markets, we will lose cost advantages and market opportunities. Therefore, The road to localization must be carried on. 'Caixiang Chemical Party Secretary, Chairman Zhang Xiangyang said.

The company quickly set up a technical research team, from raw materials storage, production monitoring, to pelletizing and bagging, product inspection and other aspects, insisting on not missing a detail, not letting go of a problem, not tolerating a defective product. The product failure rate is still high, the research team looks at the drawings and studies, the division of the work to find the reasons, and finally the 'disease root' locked in the polycondensation reaction, and then through the innovative implementation of the catalyst segmentation, not only extended esterification The operation of the kettle cycle speeds up the speed of the polycondensation reaction, and also improves the product stability and yield.