The small part believes that in the laboratory personnel input, the use of resources, the instrument's help, China will appear more and more with independent intellectual property rights of practical

Laboratory is the place to carry out experiments, the establishment of a good laboratory environment for the breeding of science, the development of science and technology are of great significance. For the scientific research equipment industry, the development of the laboratory is a complementary process. On the one hand, the development of instruments can help the laboratory research better; On the other hand, the progress of instruments is also inseparable from laboratory scientific research assistance.

So what are some of the areas of concern in the lab that are about to be in the past October?

Qingdao University awarded State key laboratory of bio-polysaccharide fiber forming and eco-textile

Qingdao University, as the provincial key universities in Shandong province, has always insisted on the idea of "educating students as the basis, running school with teachers, managing service-oriented, developing innovation-oriented", and attaching great importance to the reform of the open ideological education and teaching level, and also attaches great importance to the development of experimental scientific research. October 26, Ministry of Science and Technology, Shandong Provincial People's government, Qingdao Municipal People's government jointly issued the "approval of the Ministry of Construction of the department of Bio-polysaccharide fiber forming and eco-textile State Key Laboratory of the notice" (Guo, (2018)223),

Qingdao University was formally approved to build the state key laboratory of bio-polysaccharide fiber forming and eco-textile.

It is reported that the laboratory mainly for the screening of biological fiber resources and polysaccharide extraction, bio-polysaccharide fiber forming theory technology, eco-functional textiles to create three research direction, for the promotion of fiber materials research, strengthen the textile industry sustainable development has very important significance. In addition, the laboratory was approved, is also Qingdao University to assist the development of national research projects, Shandong Province Ministry of Construction of the National Key Laboratory to achieve zero breakthrough in the historic moment.

I believe that with the support of the local authorities, the efforts of the Qingdao University, the laboratory construction has been approved, not only for the relevant research areas to provide assistance, but also for the local relevant laboratory construction program opened a good head.

Combination of Tongji University and Xiamen Airlines to set up an algorithm laboratory

In the middle of this month, the ' Tongji University-Xiamen Aeronautical Algorithms Joint Laboratory ' was unveiled as China's first algorithm laboratory focused on the field of civil aviation, which aims to enhance the overall operational efficiency of airlines through artificial intelligence. Tongji University, as a well-known school, has been in the field of AI intelligent algorithm, and has been deeply researched in the field of aviation algorithm for many years; Over the years, Xiamen Airlines is committed to solving traditional problems with modern thinking.

The combination of Tongji University and Xiamen Airlines is designed to carry out the idea of deep integration of research and development, to create a well-known key laboratory with industry characteristics and core competitiveness, to make new contributions to civil aviation informatization, intelligence and precision.

I believe that in the near future, the laboratory can break the monopoly of import software and information management system, will come from China's intelligent algorithm, domestic civil aviation operating software to the international market.

Two national key labs in Macau unveiled

On the afternoon of October 8, the National Key Laboratory of Smart city IoT and Lunar and Planetary Science was unveiled at the ' Macau Science and Technology awards ceremony and the unveiling ceremony of the new State Key laboratory, ' and the State Key laboratory in Macau was also increased to four.

Smart city construction and aerospace research is the two general direction of many laboratory plans in China, the opening of the state Key laboratory, not only for China's relevant knowledge industry research to provide a great help, but also to strengthen the research strength of Macao, to promote the construction of the SAR to provide support. With more and more laboratory experience, more and more scientific and technical personnel have more opportunities.