Liebherr built-in wine cabinet | perfect kitchen for the best storage space

The wine is very picky about the storage environment. The built-in wine cabinet not only provides a suitable storage environment for the wine, but also has good aesthetics and display effect. It is very popular. The German Liebherr Liebherr embedded wine cabinet provides perfect The storage solution allows for the storage of wine under precisely controlled conditions and prevents the harmful effects of the external environment. At the same time, the Liebherr Liebherr built-in wine cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and cabinet doors, making it easy to integrate into existing kitchen appliances. .

Liebherr Liebherr glass door consoles are equipped with air intake and ventilation through the front height adjustable base, so there is no need to provide a ventilation grille in the console. Precision touch screen electronics with LCD are installed between the wine storage boxes. The system ensures continuous selection of the selected temperature in each wine storage box. The digital temperature display shows the closest degree to the set temperature. All functions can be easily and conveniently operated by tapping the touch screen interface. Light-adjustable LED light with The switch function can evenly illuminate the interior of the appliance. The LED lamp has a long life and little heat, so it can illuminate the stored wine, which is beautiful and harmless.

The UWT 1682's handleless full glass door features Liebherr Liebherr's latest TipOpen technology, which blends perfectly with the no-handle kitchen. Tap the insulated glass door and the door automatically opens to the 7 cm position, then fully open the door Convenience. If the door cannot be opened within three seconds, the SoftSystem door closing function will automatically close the door.

The secure wooden wine rack on the telescopic track guarantees clear and easy access to the bottles. These handmade shelves are made from untreated base metal and are ideal for safe storage of bottled Bordeaux. The multi-function clip-on label system can be displayed intuitively and orderly. A variety of drinks.

In 2006, Henglong imported kitchen appliances introduced Liebherr Liebherr to China, exclusively for luxury refrigerators, wine cabinets, cigar cabinets, etc. and successively in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Nearly all municipalities and capital cities such as Urumqi, as well as more than 50 developed first- and second-tier cities such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Wenzhou and Dalian, opened more than 200 Liebherr Liebherr luxury electrical stores. Liebherr Liebherr luxury appliances The Chinese specialty stores are widely located in high-end department stores and high-end home stores in major cities. In addition to providing perfect top-quality products, they also provide thoughtful services to customers and become the most trusted luxury electrical appliance brands in China.