Return to the fresh beginning | Hitachi refrigerator double eleven recommended Daquan

Nowadays, the standard of quality life is not only a luxury car, a luxury room, but also a refrigerator that refreshes the gods. "Gaogui" 'Technology' 'vacuum ice temperature' 'vegetable preservation' ... This is the Hitachi refrigerator Since the beginning of the keyword, the label, from the very beginning, has shaped the extraordinary posture of the Hitachi refrigerator.

Recently, Hitachi Tmall, Jingdong shop decisive battle double eleven, launched a high-quality life symbol of health technology - Hitachi refrigerator, to provide consumers with a more refined life, let the refrigerator return to fresh heart.

Hitachi Refrigerator R-SF49GC: Platinum Catalyst + Multi-door Air-cooled and Frost-free Brings fresh and delicious ingredients

In general, multi-door refrigerators are more demanding on the quality of food storage, and the preservation environment of the ingredients is also less controllable. The Hitachi refrigerator R-SF49GC adopts a six-door structure and also reflects the high quality of the current Hitachi refrigerator. Pay attention to the daily use of users. Hitachi Refrigerator R-SF49GC uses high-efficiency FLEX vacuum insulation material inside the whole machine, using air-cooled and frost-free energy-saving circulation technology, and the cold storage capacity is improved to achieve uniform cooling inside the refrigerator, so that food refrigeration becomes efficient and fast. Said, even if you often switch the refrigerator door is not afraid of causing extreme fluctuations in the temperature of the refrigerator, affecting the refrigeration effect of the food.

Another highlight is the new platinum-catalyst technology of Hitachi Refrigerator R-SF49GC, which protects the nutrients of food, inhibits enzyme activity, and makes food as dormant. Independently opened fruit and vegetable room, using platinum catalyst technology, using sealing enhancement The moisturizing cover and the moisturizing unit to help the water discharge, effectively lock the moisture of the fruits and vegetables and inhibit the drying, so that family and friends can enjoy the fresh food every day.

Hitachi Refrigerator R-X690GC: Vacuum ice temperature + mirror electric door Refrigerator upgrade experience new experience

At present, many families adopt the design style of the whole kitchen. Hitachi refrigerator R-X690GC may be a good choice. Original imported, wide specular reflection field, also supports embedded design, body height 1833mm, width 825mm, depth 728mm, are In line with the current overall kitchen design standards, and has an electric touch door, low-touch drawer design, easy to use the daily switch door. With elegant crystal mirror color, it can show the owner's taste.

In the processing of ingredients, the ice cube of Hitachi Refrigerator R-X690GC adopts innovative vacuum design, and the small vacuum pump accurately extracts air to suppress the oxidation of food. At the same time, by selecting the 'vacuum ±1 °C' temperature mode, it can achieve the effect of not freezing. Keep it fresh.

Hitachi Refrigerator R-E6200C: Photocatalyst + Large Capacity Large Storage This refrigerator is the first choice for families

For the ingredients that need to be fresh-keeping, Hitachi Refrigerator R-E6200C's photocatalyst dormant fresh-keeping fruit and vegetable technology and the large aluminum plate delicious quick-frozen can effectively lock all kinds of delicious. For example, when putting fresh vegetables into the fruit and vegetable room, the photocatalyst starts. Work, decompose odor, increase carbon dioxide concentration, reduce the breathing movement of fruits and vegetables, let the vegetables go to sleep, the 'sleeping' fruits and vegetables are fresher. The material of the large aluminum plate dedicated to the freezing room can absorb the heat of the meat ingredients. And quickly through the ingredients to form the icing temperature zone, fast freezing, inhibiting icing. Thus, the internal structure of meat ingredients is not destroyed, when thawed again, you can still taste the taste before freezing.

In addition to the technical bright, its capacity is also very impressive, 592L large capacity, 291L cold storage room, freezer 167L, height adjustable shelf can also adjust the internal layer height according to the height of different foods, rational use of internal space , invisibly increase the overall capacity.

I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the Hitachi refrigerator R-SF49GC, Hitachi refrigerator R-X690GC, Hitachi refrigerator R-E6200C, now on Hitachi Tmall, Jingdong flagship store, enjoy the exquisite life brought by Hitachi refrigerator When you get home, take out fresh ingredients from the Hitachi refrigerator, and make a hearty meal for yourself, family, friends, enjoy the fresh taste of the ingredients, feel the power of life and a beautiful life. And this is really a Hitachi refrigerator. Preservation of the heart.