Large scientific devices rise to the ground | Core equipment development everywhere

In recent years, with the increasing economic strength of China, China has participated in the International Ocean Discovery Program, the Human Genome Project and other major international science projects and major scientific projects. In the 'World Giant Eye' square kilometer array radio telescope, the International Thermonuclear Fusion Experimental Reactor The plan, the Human Genome Project and other fields have achieved a series of fruitful results.

In particular, on March 28th, the State Council issued the "Active Leading Organization of the International Science Program and the Great Science Project", which clearly defines China's lead organization of the International Science Program and the Big Science Project 'Three Steps' development goals. This means that China leads the organization. The International Science Program and the Great Science Project have entered the 'fast lane'.

Recently, many scientific projects have achieved a lot of advanced results. China's reflective antenna technology leads the development of international science and engineering core equipment. On October 9, 2018, the 863 Plan Earth Observation and Navigation Technology field square-square array radio telescope ( SKA) antenna key technology ' project passed the acceptance. This project developed SKA antenna light high-precision sub-reflection surface prototype and ultra-wideband high-performance dual-polarization refrigeration feed system.

The project participated in the research and development of key technologies of SKA International Science and Engineering Core Equipment, which played a leading role in the development of core equipment for large science projects, and laid a solid foundation for China to take the lead in organizing and launching international science projects in the future.

With the development of the country, there are more and more major projects such as high-rise buildings, sea-crossing bridges, large nuclear power, etc. The seismic safety of the project has placed an urgent need on large-scale earthquake engineering simulation research facilities. Recently, China’s earthquake engineering field is planned to be the first major country. Science and technology infrastructure. After the completion of the large scientific installation, it will become the world's largest and most powerful major seismic engineering simulation research facility, which is of great significance for ensuring the safety of major projects such as civil engineering, water conservancy, ocean and transportation.

The Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has built a Beijing positive and negative electron collider, Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment, hard X-ray modulation telescope satellite, etc., is planning to build a batch of positive and negative electron colliders. Large scientific installations to promote the future development of the Institute into a world-class high-energy physics research center and a large-scale comprehensive multidisciplinary research base.

Science and technology drive economic growth, and the scientific and technological content of economic and social development is more prominent. The supply of high-level innovation sources is constantly emerging, effectively promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. Actively participating in international big science projects and major scientific projects, China's participation and influence on international issues. It is significantly improving, and the road to development is getting wider and wider.