Clean the men, use the warmest heating razor!

Entering autumn and winter, as the temperature decreases, the body's metabolic capacity gradually decreases. The skin will become dry and dry due to the reduction of oil secretion and loss of more water. Therefore, skin care in autumn and winter is extremely important. Women have prepared a variety of moisturizing skin care products for the skin, but most men may not have more clothes, even the face is red, the beard is sloppy, and there are one or two small blood on the face... It is too rough for life!

If the hair is the second face of a woman, then the beard is the second face of the men. If you go to a blind date, suits and shoes, the shoes are bright, but the face of the beard is decadent, let the girl look at the first sight. Just give the PASS card, what else to say goodbye?!

About men's beards, such as weeds, what do you think? Lazy? No time? Stay long and tie up? It is obviously a small meat of Yan value online, but it is like a uncle like a big uncle, why is it so bad? Take care of yourself every day. 3. The face is clean and the clothes are neat and tidy. It is self-discipline and respect for people.

However, the shaving in the woman's eyes is as simple as washing the face. Shaving in the eyes of the majority of men is a heavy and heavy 'engineering'. If you are a bearded person, the beard is thick and hard, every time you shave. You must be half an hour early to press the beard repeatedly with a hot towel to soften it. It is not enough to simply soak the beard, and often replace the new blade, because the blade used by the beard is more People with less beards become duller. If you have acne, acne, pimples on your face, the process of shaving is sour. So, you can't bear to be too lazy to 'repair' yourself, a word trouble Oh, no, it’s a trouble with two words.

According to Geely's data, 54% of men used to use hot water to moisturize the skin before shaving; 47% of men chose to shave after showering; 15% of men treated their skin with a hot towel before shaving. Therefore, the importance of heat in the shaving process is obvious.

For men, choosing a razor is like choosing a lover. The right one is the best. Then why not choose a heating razor? Maybe you will say that I used an old-fashioned safety razor, manual razor. And electric razor, what is this heating razor?

Gillette is launching a high-tech self-heating razor that heats the skin to a suitable temperature (45° or 50°) set by the user in one second, mimicking the action of a hot towel, gently treating sensitive hair. The heating part is built into the array of razors, allowing you to handle the hair immediately after heating. The precise razor making technology makes the head fit the contour of the face in an all-round way, the heat is evenly distributed, the shaving is more flexible and comfortable, soft and hard. The beard is easy to get rid of.

This razor is wirelessly charged via the electronic base and supports the replacement of other Gillette razors. Just press the power button to activate the heating function. It can fully use the heating shaving experience 6 times per full charge. It is convenient.

At the same time, this product is completely waterproof, high-strength airtight, and can be used safely during bathing. Currently crowdfunding is being carried out on Indiegogo. The crowdfunding is very successful and is expected to be shipped in February. The recommended price is 169 USD.

The razor is not suitable, the beard knows. Clean the men, use the warmest temperature products. So, are you tempted?