Efficient intelligence | Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multi-function machine evaluation

The intelligent and efficient office equipment is the future development trend. Intelligentization greatly reduces the user's learning cost and operation difficulty. In the large-volume printing scene, its high efficiency can improve office efficiency. Konica Minolta as a global Leading digital integrated value-added service provider, based on the efficiency of hardware intelligence and printing solutions, launched a new upgraded bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine.

Upgrade highlights

Konica Minolta is the leader in the A3 black and white multifunction machine. The newly upgraded bizhub 558e has many highlights: 9-inch large operation panel, stacking capacity up to 300 pages of 'double-sided simultaneous automatic feed ', up to 120 pages / minute (single-sided) and 240 pages / minute (double-sided) scanning speed and standard internal web server (IWS) technology platform.


Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multi-functional machine inherits the consistent business style of the bizhub series of composite products - calm atmosphere. This product is aimed at the printing center of large and medium-sized enterprises or the large-volume customer group. Therefore, there are certain requirements for space, and the 615x685x961mm is relatively 'small' measurements, which saves a certain cost for expensive office space.

300-page double-sided synchronous document feeder

Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multi-function multi-function synchronous document feeder is upgraded to a 300-page double-sided synchronous document feeder, enabling one-time feed, double-sided scanning effect, avoiding the trouble of repeated paper feeding, plus 120 Page/minute (single-sided) 240 pages/minute (double-sided) speed, for the insurance industry and other large-volume scenes, the improvement of office efficiency is obvious.

Overlapping feed detection

When scanning a document, the generated static electricity will cause stacking paper. If the machine continues to work, the stacking paper will cause the original documents to be scanned to overlap, resulting in missing pages, resulting in work errors. Konica Minolta's overlapping feed detection The component solves this problem perfectly: The gap is detected by the ultrasonic probe of the overlap feed unit. Once the overlap is detected, the machine will stop automatically and the cause of the fault will be displayed on the operation panel. The user can easily get from the error. The place to preview and restore.

Larger touch screen

The Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine uses a multi-touch 9-inch large touch screen to provide users with a more enjoyable visual experience. Moreover, the large-size touch screen can display more content. At the same time, the false touch rate is reduced; in addition, the large-size touch screen can also grasp the running state of the machine, and the operation logic and the smart phone tend to be consistent, reducing the user's learning cost and simplifying the operation flow.

The control panel is also equipped with several physical shortcuts

Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine is also equipped with a stylus

Adjustable angle control panel (moving image)

Internal web server (IWS) platform

The internal web server platform can help users customize the operation panel and add common functions of the user to the operation panel. For example: copy settings, fax and other common functions; you can also put the user logo, personalized icon or even wallpaper on the operation panel. Personalize the layout and settings.

Support USB flash drive operation

There are two USB ports on the lower right side of the touch panel, which is convenient for users to directly connect to the USB flash drive for printing, copying, scanning and storage. With the operation panel prompt, it can actively trigger the USB flash drive printing function, supporting mainstream JPG, PDF. Format direct output printing and printing of Word, Excel and PPT.


Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine FS-537SD paper processor inside

The Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine can be purchased with the newly upgraded paper finisher FS-537SD. If the company has the need to bind a large amount of data, use this accessory to make it simple and simple, and the new upgraded paper discharge processing It can realize saddle stitching, edge binding, corner binding, tri-folding, punching and Z-folding, etc. It can greatly improve the efficiency of document binding. At the same time, the width of the paper discharge processor is only For 776mm, the floor space is reduced as much as possible.

Large capacity carton

Maximum support for SRA3 format paper

In a large-volume scene, one hundred sheets of paper are required for one print. If you need to stop the paper in the print job, the paper will greatly affect the smoothness of the printing process. Therefore, the large-capacity paper box is essential. Konica Minolta The bizhub 558e black and white multi-function machine comes standard with 3 cartons, which can achieve 1,150 pages of standard paper feed capacity. Super-large enterprises and professional users can also choose the capacity of the carton according to their actual purchase. The maximum paper supply is up to 6,650 pages, effectively reducing The user frequently stops the trouble of adding paper, further improving work efficiency.

Easy to operate carton

The paper tray is usually ignored by us. If the paper size of the paper tray is set incorrectly, it will cause paper jam. By improving the easy paper cassette buckle design, the user can adjust the paper size setting card in the paper tray with only one finger operation. Buckle, for users who often need to switch the paper size can greatly improve the paper feeding efficiency.

Hand pallet automatic induction

The paper jam feels very bad, how to avoid paper jams effectively, Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multi-function machine gives the solution: add sensor at the receiving tray feed, detect whether the tray is open If the tray is placed improperly, the device will automatically terminate the operation and prompt the operation on the operation panel to avoid paper jam.

The data line interface is still arranged on the right rear side of the machine, with cover plate and cable ties for easy wire storage, which improves the appearance and prevents excessive wire entanglement. Interface, whether it is D-type USB interface, standard USB interface, RJ45 network interface, etc. are equipped to make efficient office possible.

Easy to use mobile printing

Nowadays, with the rise of mobile internet, various products are moving closer to mobile products, and office equipment is no exception. Similarly, Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine also supports mobile smart device printing. Apple users Support for Airprint and Konica Minolta Mobile Print APP printing; Android users support Konica Minolta Mobile Print APP, Mopria Print Service (only supports Android system 8.0 or higher) and NFC printing.

WLAN access point mode

The Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine is connected to the company's internal wireless LAN, which can realize the direct connection of LAN mobile devices and machines, ensuring smooth work and ensuring document security.

Dual hard disk mirroring

In large-volume printing scenarios, such as the government propaganda department, the amount of printed data is large and reproducible. If the data that is printed frequently is managed, the efficiency will be further improved. Therefore, the hard disk is required for the machine, and the hard disk is automatically recorded every time. The job data is categorized and archived. When the next time the job process detects repetitive data, you can directly retrieve the data to complete the job flow.

'Eggs can't be placed in the same basket', the same is true for data. The loss caused by priceless data cannot be measured, and it will affect the progress of the work. Backup is the first method most people think of, Konica Minolta bizhub 558e passed Dual hard disk mirroring ensures data security. Dual hard disk mirroring is to place a backup hard disk inside the body. The backup hard disk is equipped with a dedicated controller. Once an error occurs in the primary hard disk, the primary hard disk data is automatically backed up, thereby reducing The risk of data corruption.

Unconventional paper auto detection

Invitations, invoices, kindergarten children's books or corporate brochures are not regular paper. If you use manual operation every time, it is easy to make mistakes. If you have unconventional paper auto-detection, you only need to put the paper into the manuscript. When the device starts to operate, the machine will automatically detect the paper size and record the archive, avoiding repeated operations in the next use to improve efficiency.

Support 1200mm banner output

For 4A advertising companies, banner printing is essential. Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine can achieve long paper printing of up to 1,200mm by combining long paper guides with machines. Make banners, posters and other promotional items.

Support for SRA3 paper output

Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine supports SRA3 (320mm*450mm) paper output. Due to the increased printing range and no missing edges, A3 size paper can be printed in full size, showing more content.

Set up a simple ECO function

Users can register various ECO function shortcuts in the main menu, such as saving toner, paper, electric energy, etc. The accumulated power consumption can be displayed in the form of a table (by month/hour), thus improving users' awareness of energy saving and environmental protection. .

One-button energy saving

Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multi-function machine integrates energy-saving buttons on the power button. By long press or short press, you can switch between various energy-saving modes. It is more efficient and convenient to save energy and environmental protection. At the same time, simple operation Can also help users to better build energy-saving awareness.

Ozone suppression

During the working process of the printing equipment, it often smells a pungent smell. It is ozone. Ozone not only causes pollution in the working environment, but also makes people dizzy, so it is necessary to suppress ozone emissions. Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white Compared with traditional equipment, the multi-functional laminating machine adopts a new roller charging method to effectively avoid ozone emission.

Environmentally friendly body of renewable materials

Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multi-functional composite machine material fully utilizes recycled materials PC/PET and PC/ABS recyclable materials. Environmentally friendly materials greatly save the consumption of petroleum resources, and also reduce the impact on the environment, highlighting Ke Nika Minolta's green corporate responsibility.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest

Home output time test (accurate to one decimal place)

Print test every minute (accurate to one decimal place)

Single-sided scanning speed test (accurate to one decimal place)

Double-sided scanning speed test (accurate to one decimal place)

Sample test

The Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine has a speed of 55 pages per minute and supports up to 1200dpi*1200dpi output quality. It is highly competitive for high-volume, high-quality print scenes. (Image is printed Scanning for electronic explanation)

In order to make the test content as close as possible to the actual effect of the human eye, we have partially enlarged the document to observe the actual performance of the Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine.

In the first test content DOT QUALITY, the printing effect is in line with the printing effect of the mainstream composite machine products, in which the 720dpi 2x2 pixel test effect in the DOT QUALITY area is relatively good, and the black point on the white background is clearly printed.

In the text printing quality effect measurement, the lowest 4pt text can also be clearly identified, and its printing effect can fully meet the needs of users.

In the point and line blending tests, the printed file showed excellent results. This test is a test of the color blending of the machine. In this test, the Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine excels, each Class mixing and dot matrix testing meet the standard requirements.

In FY 2018, Konica Minolta launched the corporate strategy of 'Digital Integration Value-added Service Providers'. It is not difficult to see that Konica Minolta aims to provide users with products that meet industry trends and enterprise needs as well as digital integrated value-added services. For the Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multifunction machine, this product has a printing speed of 55 pages per minute, a 300-page automatic document feeder and a large capacity carton, and can also be customized according to customer needs and actual needs. Customized operation panel for high-efficiency and intelligent demand for intensive large-volume scenes, plus a wide range of post-press processing accessories and various solutions, enabling Konica Minolta bizhub 558e black and white multi-function composite The machine has extraordinary strength.