Haier Platinum Drilling Refrigerator debuts at 2018 Canton Fair | Showcases the first cell-level freezing

On October 15th, the 124th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the Canton Fair), known as the 'China's First Exhibition,' opened in Guangzhou, attracting nearly 40 countries from Germany, Japan, India and More than 600 overseas companies from the region participated in the exhibition. On the same day, Haier unveiled a lineup of frost-free vertical freezer, ice blue series new freezer and Haier platinum drill freezer. Among them, Haier Platinum Drilling Refrigerator relies on 'cell level freezing' technology. Focusing on the eyes of domestic and foreign merchants, its transformation from frozen food to frozen cells has released the main theme of family health preservation.

On the opening day, in the Haier freezer exhibition area, a Japanese merchant, Mr. Chuan Ren, who is engaged in scene experience and on-site interaction, is very interested in the platinum drill freezer. 'Japan is a nation without fish and no fish, and the average person can eat 60 kg per year. High-end ingredients such as salmon and tuna. The common freezer has a long freezing time and the fish is not frozen.

Mr. Chuanren also said that at present, many refrigerators in the market still use traditional frozen ingredients. The cooling rate is slow, the humidity inside the cabinet is large, and the temperature fluctuates greatly. As a result, large pieces of ice crystals are formed when the ingredients are frozen, causing mechanical damage and cell rupture. , juice outflow, etc., it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the fish.

The Haier Platinum Drilling Refrigerator breaks the temperature limit in the air-cooled field, achieving cell-level freezing, ultra-fast freezing speed, and the freezing temperature of -38 °C provides super-cooling power for food freezing. On-site, Haier instructor introduced, 'Cryogenic freezing The freezing method reduces the damage to the cells, fully ensures the activity of the cells, ensures protein invariance, does not oxidize fat, and restores the quality, taste and nutrition of the ingredients to the maximum extent.

In addition to cell-level freezing, the Haier Platinum Drilling Cooler is equipped with air-cooled and frost-free technology, which also solves the frosting problem that has been plaguing users. A merchant from India said, 'The bad taste caused by frost is second, the most important thing is The breeding of bacteria is too harmful to the human body. '

Many people think that low temperature will freeze the bacteria. In fact, psychrophiles such as Yersinia and Listeria can still breed under low temperature. Once infected food is eaten, it may cause sepsis, meningitis. And other diseases, endangering human health. And Haier Platinum Drilling Cooler through the first 0 frosting technology, from the source to eliminate the breeding of bacteria, but also to avoid the deterioration of the ingredients caused by frosting, odor and other issues.

According to industry experts, Haier Platinum Drilling Refrigerator has upgraded the level of household food preservation by means of cell-level freezing and air-cooling and frost-free technology, and has been recognized by consumers at home and abroad. It is understood that Haier Freezer relies on '10+N' all over the world. The R&D system forms a localized layout of localized R&D, localized manufacturing, and localized marketing 'Trinity' in overseas markets. By understanding local residents' living habits and product appeals, they can quickly respond to local needs and provide differentiated product solutions. According to Euromonitor International data, Haier Freezer has been ranked first in the global market for seven consecutive years.

Nowadays, Haier Freezer is constantly innovating new products in the free-flowing category under the driving of the “one person in one” mode. It has both a platinum drill freezer that meets the high-end storage requirements and a vertical freezer product matrix that achieves fine storage. Including frost-free vertical freezer, full-opening drawer freezer and other products, to meet the diversified refrigeration and fresh-keeping needs of different layers, providing a new development path for the high-end transformation of the industry freezer.