Reading: Want to achieve high speed scanning? Let Purple Q2240 help you improve efficiency | Want to achieve high speed scanning? Let Purple Q2240 help you improve efficiency

As the MFP technology becomes more and more mature, more small businesses and studio users have begun to use the all-in-one machine instead of the scanner to work, but for some medium-sized companies pursuing office efficiency, the scanner is still a kind of Indispensable in the office, because of an efficient and accurate scanner, it is responsible for the important work of importing important office documents into the computer, solving the problems of storage, storage, backup and utilization of a large number of paper documents, so the scanner It is always impossible to be replaced.

In the scanner industry market, there are many brands, and the quality of the products is also uneven. Users will always face the choice problem when they purchase: I don't know what brand to buy. So I recommend a professional and technical one today. Extremely strong, and a high quality scanner that meets the 'low carbon office' - Violet Q2240.

The first is the design. This purple Q2240 high-speed scanner is different from the traditional high-speed scanner. It adopts a very clever folding body design. When it is idle, it can also be folded for enterprise storage and storage. It is very convenient to use. At the same time, this purple Q2240 adopts the classic black and white matching color design, the overall appearance is simple and capable. The body is mainly white, and the document input and output unit uses a black match, which is more convenient for users to identify documents. .

The overall design of the purple Q2240 fuselage is very fashionable and simple, but it can also demonstrate its extraordinary strength. It is both an idol and a strength. It is worth mentioning that its appearance size is only 316mm × 191mm × 168mm, and The net weight is only 3.9kg, even a weak woman can easily carry it.

Known as the high-speed scanner's Violet Q2240, its scanning speed is naturally the most concerned by users. According to the official standard, the scanning speed of the Violet Q2240 can be as high as 60 pages per minute, and the average calculation is equal to a short one second. I can scan a page of paper, the speed is terrible.

To achieve high-speed scanning, you must also have the support of 'large displacement' paper capacity, and the purple Q2240's paper tray has a capacity of 100 pages, which can easily meet the daily office needs.

The Violet Q2240 uses a reverse roller design on the paper feeding mechanism, and with the newly upgraded dual-motor feed mechanism, it can effectively improve the paper feeding efficiency and greatly extend the service life of the paper feed roller. The durability and reliability of the wheel allows the Violet Q2240 to support long paper scans up to 3 meters, as well as cards, business cards, membership cards, ID cards, etc. with embossed text.

For many enterprise users, in addition to considering the scanning speed of the scanner, on the other hand, the scanning quality of the scanner should be considered. After the measurement, the paper scanned by the purple light Q2240 is clearly visible, and the color transition is very obvious. Dark and clear, the layering is very strong, the scanning quality is very satisfactory.

Professional high-speed scanners such as the Ziguang Q2240, the supporting software needs to be compatible with the user's system software. The scanning method is the problem that users need to solve urgently. The purple light Q2240 high-speed scanner adopts all-round design in the software setting operation. More suitable for users in different environments, the scanning resolution can be set by the software, not only the fixed scanning resolution setting, the user can also customize the commonly used scanning resolution, very convenient.

We all know that driver installation is required before using the scanner. But for some people who have never been exposed to the scanner, installing the driver may not be easy. The intimate purple Q2240 has long been considered. This problem, it reduces the steps of the device driver installation, optimizes the installation process, even the computer white, usually can install the driver in about 4 minutes, very convenient.

When buying a scanner, don't buy it because you are cheap, but you should choose a brand that is well-known. Not only is the quality guaranteed, but also the after-sales service is guaranteed. The purple Q2240 brought by Xiaobian today is undoubtedly one. Very good choice. This scanner has excellent performance in both scanning speed and precision. It is called the original porter. If you need to buy a scanner, you may wish to consider it.