Reading: National Day wants to have fun at home? These great performance games can not miss this game | National Day want to have fun at home? These excellent performance games can not miss this game

Every time we talk about the game, we all hope that a powerful, cool-looking computer will lead us to kill on the battlefield. At this time, the first thing we think of is the desktop. The desktop is not only very good in hardware. More choices, and players can also create a powerful desktop based on their own needs. But the desktop because of carrying trouble, bulky, very bulky, has also been rejected by many players.

So, how can you maintain good portability with super performance? At this time, the game is particularly important. Now with the generation of hardware such as CPU and graphics card upgrade, the performance of the game has been Directly to the desktop. So what are the performances of the game that are worthy of the game? With the National Day, Xiaobian will recommend several powerful games that can help you easily play mainstream large games, interested friends. Hurry and find out!

Recommended products: HP (HD) Shadow Wizard 4 generations

Product configuration: i7-8750H/GTX 1060/16GB/256GB SSD+1TB HHD/1920×1080

The HP Shadow Elf 4th generation continues the cool shape of the previous game in the design. The metal brushed and carbon fiber echoes the A side to become more stereo. The HP Shadow Elf 4th generation adopts the micro-frame design, the left and right sides of the fuselage Only 7.03mm, compared to the previous generation has a higher screen ratio. At the same time, thanks to the ultra-high screen ratio, users can get a larger view in the game, bringing a more immersive experience for users. At the same time, the fuselage adopts the central axis design, which can further raise the display and bring better visual effects to the game players. Moreover, the refresh rate of this screen is as high as 144Hz, the response time only takes 7ms, and the screen is also Supporting NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, it can easily solve the bad experience caused by tearing, stagnation, delay, and bring the most realistic game screen to the player.

As a game book, the HP Shadow Wizard 4 generation is certainly not inferior in its performance. It is equipped with the eighth generation Intel i7-8750H processor, built-in 16GB DDR4 memory, and 256GB M.2 PCIE SSD+1TB HHD The dual hard drive combination allows players to have a very good experience in both file transfer and file storage. On the graphics side, the HP Shadow Wizard 4 is equipped with the GeForce GTX 10 Series GTX 1060 (up to select GTX 1070 MAX) -Q discrete graphics), with outstanding performance, combined with HP's multiple optimization techniques for Shadow Wizard, brings players an immersive gaming experience.

On the keyboard side, the HP Shadow Wizard 4 uses a 4-zone backlit keyboard design that allows users to operate faster and more accurately in dark environments. On the interface side, it moves the interface to the back, except for In addition to the ordinary interface, HP Shadow Elf 4 is also equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 interface, players can upgrade the graphics card with the external video card and connection with the Shadow Wizard, let your game directly catch up with the high-performance gaming desktop, the expansion is very Strong.

Recommended reason: The HP Shadow Elves 4 generation continues the excellent features of the past, with the addition of a 4-zone backlit keyboard, a 144Hz screen refresh rate screen, better performance, and a better cooling system. Fortunately, Hewlett-Packard will also launch a special offer. On October 1st, Jingdong will buy Shadow Elves for four generations. You can enjoy a discount of up to 2,000 yuan. If you have a plan to buy a game book recently, HP Shadow Elves 4th Generation Is a good choice. Activity link: Poke me

Recommended products: ASUS Flying Fortress 6 generations

Product configuration: i7-8750H/GTX 1050Ti/8GB/128GB SSD+1TB HHD/1920×1080

The appearance of Flying Fortress 6 still maintains the classic appearance of the family. The deep black is matched with the passionate red, which makes the whole machine look a mysterious feeling. Moreover, the surface of the fuselage is also treated like a metal wire drawing process. The body is full of texture. It is worth mentioning that its body is made of high-strength composite material, which effectively reduces the weight of the fuselage and reduces the pressure we carry out. And the Flying Fortress 6 is equipped with a 15.6-inch belt. IPS full HD screen, the border is only 6.5mm, the display effect is very outstanding, can present a more delicate game screen, combined with the wide viewing angle of the IPS screen allows the player to observe the screen from multiple angles without distortion of the picture, any The angle game screen restoration is always the same, which can bring us a more comfortable viewing experience.

Excellent screen design is inseparable from powerful performance support. Flying Fortress 6 is not inferior in performance. It is equipped with Intel's i7-8750H processor. The performance of 6 core 12 threads is 23% higher than that of the previous generation. In the face of high-load 3A game masterpiece, the experience is not inferior to the DIY desktop. In terms of graphics card, it is equipped with GTX 1050Ti with 4GB GDDR5 memory, and the powerful ten-series game graphics card makes the game performance better. In terms of hard disk, Flying Fortress 6 uses a combination of 256GB SSD and 1TB mechanical hard disk, which can meet the loading speed of players' reading and writing games, and also allows players to play games. No need to spend time copying and downloading, let people experience the immersive charm of the game world at any time.

In addition, the keyboard of Flying Fortress 6 adopts 0.25mm key curve design, which is more suitable for fingers, 1.8mm long key stroke and clearer key feedback, which gives users a very good experience. And Flying Fortress 6 gives this The block keyboard has been added with WASD highlighting, and the space button has been widened. At the same time, Flying Fortress provides a rich interface under the guarantee of excellent screen design and top performance configuration. It has designed a set of USB2.0. And two sets of USB 3.1 Gen1 interface, and are on the left side of the fuselage, cleverly avoiding the mouse, avoiding the problem of wire entanglement, making the game experience more enjoyable.

Recommended reason: Flying Fortress 6 performs better in terms of appearance and hardware configuration, as well as keyboard feel. Compared to the previous generation, Flying Fortress 6 is further optimized, with dual fans and double copper tubes for cooling; new elements such as narrow borders allow flight The experience of Fortress 6 has been greatly improved, and overall it is a very good game.

Recommended products: MSI (msi) GF63

Product configuration: i5-8300H/GTX 1050/8GB/128GB SSD+1TB HHD/1920×1080

The overall shape design of MSI GF63 inherits the characteristics of its own products. The angular shape and simple straight lines make this notebook a low-key type in the game. Red printed dragon shield with aluminum wire drawing design, let the whole set The machine looks very high-end and temperament, cool and cool. In addition, the MSI GF63 is equipped with a 15.6-inch 1080P IPS screen, and uses a matte screen design. Thanks to the excellent viewing angle and matte surface of the IPS panel The anti-reflective ability of the screen, the GF63's screen is very good at all angles. And it also uses a narrow bezel design, which brings a higher screen ratio while also bringing a smaller body. The size of the whole body is similar to the size of the previous 14-inch notebook. Therefore, the GF63 is very good in portability.

In terms of configuration, MSI GF63 also did not let us down, it uses Intel's eighth-generation Core i5-8300H processor, clocked at 2.2GHz, performance is quite good. And it is also equipped with ten series GTX1050, performance Very powerful, able to easily deal with today's mainstream games. MSI GF63 is also equipped with NVIDIA Pascal architecture and Game Ready technology, this technology can bring players a more enjoyable gaming experience. With such a high performance configuration, MSI GF63 Still providing more than 7 hours of battery life, even if you are carrying out, you don't have to worry about battery life.

In the keyboard design, the MSI GF63 adopts the same metal wire drawing design as the A side. The backlit keyboard with red and black bottom is very cool, and can still accurately distinguish the key positions under the condition that the lighting conditions are not very good. Very good sense, moderate key stroke, long-term use will not be too much fatigue, which is a good boon for gamers. In terms of interface, MSI GF63 is also very rich, the left side of the fuselage is equipped with power Interface with a USB 3.0 interface, there is also a charging indicator next to it. The interface on the right side of the fuselage is richer, from left to right: 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone jack, 2 USB 3.0 ports, USB type -c interface, network cable interface and anti-theft lock hole, can fully meet the daily needs of players.

Recommended reason: MSI GF63 is a thin and light business and game product that is positioned at the mainstream level. It not only has a good design style of workmanship and game atmosphere, but also has the super endurance of the business book and the super performance of the game book. It can be said that MSI GF63 is a highly recommended product.

to sum up: The three games introduced today are of the same price, regardless of performance, value or workmanship, but also have a good price/performance ratio. If you have a recent purchase budget, consider them.