Reading: When 17.3吋 big screen and narrow border passion collision | What is the result? When the 17.3吋 big screen and the narrow border passionate collision | What is the result?

Full screen is one of the most popular concepts in 3C products in recent years, and this year, the concept that has long been long-awaited by players has finally been introduced into the game book by the manufacturers. There is also a large number of narrows in the market. Border or full-screen gamebook. Because the borders of these games are narrowed, their bodies can be made smaller, portability is better than traditional games, and B-face is more 'modern. nice' .

Then, in September of this year, what are the comprehensive screens that are worthy of our attention on the market, narrow-frame games? Of course, the new machine revolutionary deep sea Titan X8Ti Plus.

Why do you recommend it? Because it is the latest game book on September 10th, and it is the industry's first gamebook with a 17.3-inch narrow-frame screen.

It has two highlights that deserve our attention:

One, 5mm narrow frame, 88% screen ratio.

Second, the 15.6-inch traditional game body specifications.

Secondly, its hardware configuration is also quite reasonable, its performance can meet the needs of most people's games, smooth high-quality play large games no problem:

1. CPU is equipped with i7-8750H six-core twelve-thread processor

2. GPU can be equipped with GTX 1060 6G discrete graphics

3. 2 DDR4 memory card slots, up to 32GB

4. 2 M.2 card slots, support dual SSD solid state drives

5. Fully equipped with 17.3 inches, 144Hz high refresh rate, 72% NTSC color gamut IPS screen.

The most important thing is its price, it is still very cost-effective. The 'Basic Edition' X8Ti Plus is equipped with 17.3 inch 144Hz, 72% color SNR IPS screen, i5-8300H quad-core eight-thread processor, GTX 1060 6G graphics card, 8G DDR4 memory, 128G SSD+1T mechanical hard disk, I have seen it in Jingdong, I feel that its cost performance is quite high!(The starting price of 9.20 will be further discounted by 1,000 yuan, and the minimum of 7,999 yuan will be available.)

Jingdong Mall Link:

Let me take you to find out more about it.

Plug the 17.3 screen into the fuselage of 15.6

Compared with the traditional 15.6-inch game, the X8Ti Plus is almost the same size, and the X8Ti Plus screen is obviously bigger.

Left: Traditional 15.6 games, right: X8Ti Plus

Compared with the traditional 17.3-inch game, the X8Ti Plus has a small body, but the screen is not small. At the same time, as the frame becomes smaller, the overall view looks more open.

Left: Traditional 17.3 吋 game, right: X8Ti Plus

Think about it, the notebook you are holding is bigger than the screen of others, but the overall size is smaller than others, how desperate others are.

Five copper tube cooling force

What is the game most afraid of? The most fear is not the poor performance, because the performance of the game book will not be too bad! But the most fear is that the heat is not good! The heat is not good will cause the heat to accumulate inside, the internal overheat will trigger the protection System, then the computer will be down! The performance of the computer is degraded, but it is only five seconds! It is very troublesome!

X8Ti Plus disassembly diagram

But! X8Ti Plus is not afraid! Because its heat dissipation configuration is too good! It is equipped with 2 fans, 4 heat sink fins, 5 copper tubes, 4 air outlets.

The X8Ti Plus has a number of metal shields inside to reinforce the body, and the memory strip is also equipped with anti-static stickers for protection, dual-wind turbine fans, five copper tubes, four fins and four air outlets. The 'luxury class' cooling configuration together constitute a good cooling foundation.

Let's test the baking machine! Look at what kind of state the computer is under high performance and high load operation!

Ten minutes 'double copy' test

We performed a 10-minute 'double copy' test on the X8Ti Plus (i7-8750H, GTX1060 6G version). In the test, we found that the CPU power can be maintained for more than 65W for a long time. The core frequency is 3.3GHz, quite good. And its GPU can also maintain high frequency 'full blood' operation for a long time, the temperature is maintained at about 70 °C. And this means that it can output stably for a long time, the computer has good heat dissipation effect and the game experience is better.

Optical axis mechanical keyboard + face unlock

The mechanical keyboard feels better and is very popular among gamers. However, the mechanical keyboard is relatively large and widely used on the desktop. The notebook uses tens of thousands of ultra-high-end games. These ultra-high-end games themselves Quite thick, there is enough room to accommodate.

The X8Ti Plus is also equipped with an optical axis mechanical keyboard, a mechanical keyboard that feels closer to the metal shaft, and has a strong resilience, crisp and agile, while the custom-adjustable RGB backlight adds a lot of individual elements. .

The X8Ti Plus is also equipped with a facial recognition system similar to that on the Apple mobile phone. Through the 3D recognition camera on the body, we can record our own facial information, and with the Windows Hello function, we can 'brush the face' to boot! Technology changes life!

to sum up

Overall, the X8Ti Plus is another heavyweight product under the development trend of the full-screen game. The excellent configuration is equipped with enough excellent heat dissipation, making it a powerful tool to meet the needs of the players, and its 17.3吋 144Hz large screen. It can also bring us more shock, and the compact body makes it have excellent portability.