Simple and simple | Brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer evaluation

For home users and start-up small and micro enterprises, efficient and easy-to-use office equipment can do more with less, simplifying and simplifying. When choosing a laser printer, high efficiency and low energy consumption are important factors for such users. The new product launched by the brothers---HL-2595DW black and white laser printer is such a product.

Small and powerful

Brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer adopts dark gray and light gray color matching method, harmonious and unified. The dimensions of the measurements are 356mm*388mm*183mm (length*width*height), indicating that this is a desktop-oriented printing device. Target users' needs, the Brother HL-2595DW monochrome laser printer has a continuous print speed of up to 34 pages per minute (single-sided); the highest print resolution is 1200*1200dpi; automatic double-sided printing is continuous print speed of 16 faces per minute; The home output time is less than 7 seconds. From the data specifications, the brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer is located at the middle and high end level compared with the same type of products.

The control panel is also quite simple, one line of liquid crystal display, can display the current device status; Wi-Fi button as an independent button, you can control the network switch with one button, the indicator light at the bottom of the Wi-Fi button will light up during work, and the toner cartridge will be opened in the lower right corner. And the button of the consumables, with the mobile APP or the corresponding driver on the computer, the buttons on the control panel are completely sufficient.

Brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer top button

Back wired network interface and USB interface

Top paper exit

Consumable warehouse

TN-2425 toner cartridge

Back paper take-up slot

Large capacity carton

For home users, the amount of print is relatively small in both quantity and density, and the carton is exposed to the air for a long time, which will inevitably lead to dust, moisture, and even mold, in order to avoid this situation. The occurrence of the brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer comes standard with a 250-page large-capacity paper box, which not only effectively protects the environment from the erosion of paper, but also reduces the trouble of users stopping paper feeding and further improving efficiency.

Paper feed tray

Whether at work or in life, there are always some unconventional papers, such as: postcards, award certificates, invoices and envelopes that cannot be printed in the carton, so the paper feed tray can work. Brother HL- The 2595DW black and white laser printer comes standard with a 30-sheet paper feed tray for printing special media.

Advanced toner separation technology

Randomly presented approximately 3,000 pages of TN-2425 toner cartridge

Comes with approximately 12,000 pages of long life toner cartridge

At present, the mid-end black-and-white laser printers on the market generally adopt the drum powder design. Regardless of the life of the toner cartridge, as long as the toner is exhausted, the two must be compulsory. For the consumer, the cost of consumables in the later period is greatly increased; It is also not conducive to environmental protection. Contrary to the integrated design of the toner cartridge, the Brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer uses a more advanced toner separation technology. After the toner is used up, the user only needs to replace the toner cartridge, which reduces the user's cost. At the same time, it also shows the brothers' responsibility for environmental protection.

In order to meet the different needs of different printing users for toner cartridges, Brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printers are available in three different sizes of toner cartridges. Users with small print volumes can choose from approximately 1,200 pages of TN-2412 standard toner. Boxes; users with large print volumes can choose from a TN-2425 high-capacity toner cartridge of approximately 3,000 pages (random standard); users with larger print volumes can choose a TN-2448 large high-capacity toner cartridge of approximately 4,500 pages.

In the later period of consumables use, some consumers buy unofficial consumables for the sake of cheaper purchases, causing problems in the printers. Therefore, the responsibility is attributed to the product quality problem. I don’t know, the unofficial consumables are developed in the fineness of the toner particles. The agent, the fixing temperature and the carrier required for the toner cannot be compared with the official original. Unofficial consumables can cause poor print quality in a short period of time, waste paper affects efficiency, and can damage the machine for a long time. Therefore, I am here. I urge everyone not to lose big or small, or to buy official original supplies.

Professional Management Software---BRAdmin

BRAdmin is an application developed by Brother to run on the Windows operating system. It can be used for printer settings and protocol settings. It can also set and check the status of all printers in the network through the network. For example, headquarters and branches, and more use. There are many devices on the floor, etc., but there are often only one administrator. In this case, it is difficult to deal with various problems in time or set the equipment in time, thus affecting the work. Management by BRAdmin management software The staff can quickly confirm the faults and greatly improve the work efficiency. The administrator only needs to obtain the log information of the error information or usage, even if other floors or outlets appear, they can respond quickly.

Machine type for BRAdmin software

Multiple printing methods

Smart terminal printing

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and smart terminals, lightweight printing scenarios are enriching people's printing methods and gradually becoming a mainstream form. Based on this factor, the Brother HL-2595DW monochrome laser printer also supports APP printing. In IOS smart terminal In terms of printing with AirPrint and Brother iPrint&Scan APP; in terms of Android smart terminal, it can be printed by Mopria Print Service App, Brother iPrint&Scan APP and NFC function.

AirPrint printing

Brother iPrint&Scan APP printing

Android Mopria Print Service App printing

NFC printing

Wireless and wired printing

Intelligent terminal, the computer can be connected to the same LAN with the brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer for wireless printing; you can also use the Wifi-Direct network of the brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer for printing; you can also connect the data cable to the computer for printing. You can also connect to the network cable for printing. Choose a variety of printing methods as needed.

Computer-side iPrint&Scan print program

Open the print dialog box in the Word software, click Properties --- Advanced Settings --- Print Quality, you can adjust the DPI. I think you can choose to put it in the application more user-friendly.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest

Test Description: The following three speed tests are all printed on the computer by connecting the USB data cable. The paper used is A4 70g/m2 multi-function copy paper.

Home output time test

Although the feeling of the home page output time is not very intuitive, or it will not be the primary consumer pain point, but as a brand technical strength and highlights, it is necessary to use data to explain.

Number of pages printed per minute Single side + first page output speed test

Print speed test per minute (600dpi single side):

Print speed test per minute (1200dpi single side):

Print speed test per minute (double-sided)

From the above various test speeds, the measured data and the official data are not different. If the time control is accurate enough, the official data will be slightly conservative.

Print effect

Note: The printing accuracy is 1200dpi. Since this machine does not have the scanning function, the pictures shown below are all obtained by camera macro shooting. The pictures are only cropped, depending on the situation, and the printed originals are slightly different.

Test file real shot close-up

Test picture real shot close-up

The printing effect is visually observed. The transition between black and white ash is natural and the layers are distinct. The overall performance is very bright in addition to the slight loss of the text details and the lines of the test documents.

Document printing accuracy effect




Three different precision 100% magnification comparison

It can be seen that the brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer has a remarkable performance in terms of document printing accuracy and picture printing.

Ink saving mode printing accuracy

Brother supports the toner save mode, which reduces ink dots by reducing the size of the ink dots, rather than reducing the ink dots, so that even if the ink save mode is used, the print effect can be guaranteed.

Comparison of normal mode and toner save mode

Description: In normal mode, 1200dpi is the normal mode 1200dpi printing effect, and then the 1200dpi precision scanning is obtained; in the ink saving mode, 1200dpi is the ink saving mode 1200dpi printing effect, and then obtained by 1200dpi precision scanning.

Power consumption test

Sleep power consumption

Sleep power consumption

Peak power consumption

to sum up

Brother HL-2595DW black and white laser printer as the entry-level product of Zhiyin series, for home users and start-up micro-enterprise users, both in terms of printing speed, printing accuracy and power consumption, it has excellent performance in line with its 'worth', especially The final effect of the ink-saving mode and the smooth and delicate experience during the test process left a deep impression on the author. At the same time, this is in line with China's energy-saving product certification, showing the brothers' vision for a green home from the side.