Yingkou bans 103 illegal plastic processing enterprises

As of August 31, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, revoked business licenses for 103 illegally washed and discarded plastics processing enterprises, and implemented water cuts and power cuts for 74 households who resumed production without authorization; 231 administrative penalty decisions were issued, and the cumulative penalty amount was over 2,900. 10,000 yuan; handled 23 cases of public security, including 6 suspected environmental crimes.

It is reported that Shuangtaizi Town, Gaizhou City, Yingkou District, Lusong Town, Bayuquan District is a concentrated area of ​​small plastics enterprises. Many enterprises have no environmental protection approval procedures, no pollution prevention facilities, and are suspected of using concealed pipes and illegally discharging pollutants. The 'disorganized pollution' enterprise. Although the local government has carried out relevant special law enforcement rectification, some enterprises are still taking risks and continue to illegally discharge. Because these enterprises are mostly hidden in more remote areas, most of them are intermittently produced at night, and work is conducted for investigation. It has brought great difficulties. Since May this year, the city has organized environmental protection, the public security department has carried out joint law enforcement, and through environmental supervision law enforcement personnel to enforce law in different places, severely crack down on non-environmental procedures, illegally produced small plastic processing enterprises, and curb barbaric sewage disposal. behavior.