At present, the fiber-saw washing machine has been listed in the country, will be listed in Europe in 2019. European media reports on Casa di washing machine | See 2019 European Listing

' Super drum looks like an impossible washer--impossible '.

In an overseas report on the IFA show in Germany in 2018,, the Italian technology media, described a high-end washing product from the Casa di-the washing machine. During the IFA exhibition in Germany, the main media in Europe, including Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany and other European countries, have made a multi-faceted report on the Casa di washing machine.

It is understood that the Casa di ' a double-barrel ' of the Twins Yun-sang washing machine, ' washing and baking one ' of the fiber see washing machines and other ' star products ' have appeared in the German exhibition scene. Marronyblanco is a professional home appliance magazine published in Spain that specializes in cutting-edge information for the home appliance industry. ' Through technology to improve the lives of users ', Marronyblanco reports, ' The Casa di washing machine uses micro-vapor molecular technology to provide freshness to clothing without direct contact with water or detergent.

' Over the years, the washing machine has undergone a drum-type, jet-type, wave-wheeled evolution, into the automatic era. But for high-end fabrics, the traditional wash is not realized, dry cleaning and do not have exclusive care, the Casa di Air wash solves the two ways can not be a high-end fabric nursing problems.

The Wall Street Journal has reported the Casa di Air wash as the industry's third way of washing. Another Spanish media marketing.directo described the appearance of the washing machine: ' The big entrance and touch screen embodies the brand's elegant design ', while the website also introduces the ultra-large capacity setting of the washing machine: can withstand 10 kilograms of laundry and 6 kg of clothes drying,

Washing and drying up to 6 + 6 kg of clothing can also be continuously recycled. In addition to causing foreign media attention to the air wash, large capacity and other technology and performance, the Dutch authoritative media, "the IFA 2018 on the bright eye products" article, the active report of the Casa Di's washing machine, not only called it ' super cool smart steam washing machine ', More attention to its RFID radio frequency identification technology.

According to the report, the washing machine is equipped with RFID technology that allows the washing machine to recognize the type and quantity of clothing in the drum, automatically adjust the washing process, ' even when the washing machine noticed that the silk shirt accidentally put into the drum, it will automatically stop running '. ' I've had the best time in the area today, ' the media reporter said in a report. In addition, the Italian website macitynet on the "Air wash" mode of the machine, networked ordering, intelligent detection and other features of the detailed report: ' Let only pass through a suit that does not need to really wash a brand new.

' Digital day, a well-known Italian website, reports that the washing machine can also eliminate 99.8% of bacteria by analyzing the load's weight and water hardness, and using ABT's dual-spray bacteriostatic technology.

In addition to an intelligent and convenient experience, health performance is becoming an essential feature of high-end care products. According to the introduction, Casa di in the world has 14 design centers, 28 cooperative research and development institutions.

Under the guidance of the ' People single One ' mode, Casa di in the whole process of opening the ' Casa di Zhi ' system, high-end users can not only with other users, enterprises and other interactive product needs, but also for the future of home appliances to imagine, and creative users can also participate in home appliance products planning, design, manufacturing. Macitynet of the Italian website said Amazon's order of the Super Drum series is expanding, the larger capacity of the laundry dryer will have 15 kilograms of washing capacity and 10 kg of drying capacity, and the latter will be listed in 2020.