What should I choose between the pulsator washing machine and the drum washing machine?

With the widespread use of electricity, people no longer need to use their own hands to do some labor, bitter, tired, so many times can be handed over to those appliances, especially refrigerators, ovens, televisions, With the wide application of computers and other electrical appliances, people's lives have become more and more convenient, and the material living standards have gradually improved. They do not need to do those tired work, but also can be maintained, more relaxed, and more comfortable. Especially the washing machine. The use of it saves us a lot of time, because we can wash clothes together and do not need to wash clothes manually. But there are many kinds of washing machines, and the most popular ones on the market are washing machines and washing machines. People are more entangled, which kind of washing machine should be better? Next, introduce the pros and cons of both.

Laundry principle To say the biggest difference between the pulsator washing machine and the drum washing machine is probably that their washing principle is different. The pulsator washing machine rubs the dirt by rubbing the clothes together, while the drum washing machine uses the height drop to beat the clothes, the food. It is enough to leave the surface of the clothes, so the washing machine is closer to the person's hand to wash clothes, while the drum washing machine is a more modern, machine-like washing machine.

2. Water saving When the pulsator washing machine is operated, it is necessary to fill the bucket with water so that it can supply sufficient water for the operation of the machine, but the drum washing machine does not need it because it uses the height drop to break the clothes. So only need to wet the clothes, a little water can be, so in terms of water saving, the washing machine is far less water-saving than the drum washing machine.

3. Laundry time The washing time of the drum washing machine is about one to two hours, and the washing time of the washing machine can only take about 40 minutes, so if you want the laundry time to be shorter, you can choose to buy the washing machine, and the wave. The start of the washing machine is also convenient. Even if it has already started running, it can be put in the clothes in the past, and the drum washing machine does not have this convenience. Even though some washing machines can be done now, it is not very common.

4. Power consumption As mentioned above, the washing time of the washing machine takes only about 40 minutes, while the washing machine of the drum takes one to two hours, so the long time must be relatively power-consuming. The drum washing machine consumes more power. The power consumption of the Polo washing machine is almost half that of the drum washing machine, so if you want to choose less power consumption, it is better to choose a washing machine.