Reading: Computing 帷幄 ThinkPad T580 large-screen high-performance performance | Computing 帷幄 ThinkPad T580 large-screen high-performance performance

Nowadays, while pursuing extreme portability in business situations, the demand for large-size business books in the market is also enthusiastic. Because of the large size, it means not only a larger and more comfortable screen view, but also a larger and more comprehensive operation. For users with large field of view and composite input requirements, large size is undoubtedly a more intimate design.

For all types of occupations with visual work needs, large-size business notebooks such as the ThinkPad T580 with a 15.6-inch 4K resolution screen have a natural advantage in their hearts. Seeing more clearly, seeing more, will bring A more enjoyable work experience, greatly improve work efficiency, ensure personal work and the company's overall office efficiency is guaranteed. Professional productivity representative, maybe it is! Of course, performance is not strong enough, or depends on our next evaluation, There is data with truth.

The performance of this evaluation prototype is as follows:

Yan value: still that smell

The ThinkPad T series launched a new product in 2018, designed for engineers and managers in various industries, emphasizing high-performance portable productivity tools, including the ThinkPad T580. Previously chatted with a user who bought N ThinkPad notebooks. Why do you have a soft spot for Xiao Hei? In his words, 'classic is enough'.

The ThinkPad T580 uses the same PPS high-performance composite body as the T570. The skin-like material on the top cover brings a better feel and reinforcement function. It is not afraid of everyday bumps. The rough man? Does not exist, it is more like a pragmatic However, it is still low-key.

After all, it is equipped with a 15.6-inch screen, so the T580 looks bigger than other ThinkPad notebooks, but the big screen also brings a better visual experience.

The right side of the fuselage interface is more concentrated, including a headset microphone combo hole, SD card slot, two USB 3.0 interfaces (one of which supports shutdown charging), an HDMI interface, and an RJ-45 interface.

A full-featured Type C interface can be seen on the left side of the fuselage, next to a CS18 interface, dedicated to the external docking station, and a Thunderbolt 3 interface.

It can be said that the rich expansion interface can meet the basic external needs of the user's daily office, plus the ThinkPad expansion dock that can be matched, all the external needs in daily work can be easily handled.

Performance: beyond your imagination

Due to the positioning relationship, and the pursuit of the ultimate thin and light, the configuration of the ThinkPad T580 is a high route. In addition to the more powerful Intel 8th generation Core processor, the discrete graphics also use the full version of NVDIA GeForce MX 150, top-level configuration brings a more efficient work experience.

From the total score of 165163 points run by Master Lu and the specific scores of each item, it can be seen that the ThinkPad T580 has no obvious weakness.

The Intel Core i7-8550U on the ThinkPad T580 is still Kaby-Lake. It is designed with 4 cores and 8 threads, clocked at 1.8GHz, core frequency 4GHz, 8MB L3 cache, and thermal design power consumption of 15W.

Although the Core i7-8550U has dropped a lot in the base frequency compared to the previous i7, only 1.8GHz, but the core and thread improvements are huge. From our test, the performance hoisting i7-7500U and i7-7600U is There is no problem at all. Compared to the i7-7500U, there is a 50% performance improvement in the Cinbench R15 and chess test.

In the Cinebench R15 test, the multicore 553cb+single core 165cb scored far more than the previous generation i7-7500U processor.

Standard 16GB DDR4 memory, up to 32GB (2 × 16GB) DDR4 dual memory, larger memory capacity, can bring faster operation.

And ThinkPad T580 is equipped with GeForce MX150 full blood version of the discrete graphics card! This graphics card uses Pascal architecture GP108 core, has 384 stream processors, memory bit width 64bit, bandwidth 48.1GB / s, core default frequency 1469MHz, typical boost frequency is 1532MHz, this corresponds to the desktop version of the GT1030. And, the 'full blood version' performance is also more powerful, from our previous tests, it is 20%-30% better than the low-power version.

Although the ThinkPad T580 is only a business book, and is more inclined to the 'engineering' of data processing, but its score on the 3DMARK Fire Strike can also reach 2740, the performance is already strong.

Storage, ThinkPad T580 uses a 512GB capacity SSD solid state drive. From the measured data, the read speed reaches 1502MB / s, the write speed is 1053MB / s. Imitate the real use state, Win10 system boot time is about 8 seconds.

Life can be more than 5 hours, it is not easy for such a 15.6-inch notebook. However, it seems that such a notebook is used in the office more. It is worth mentioning that the ThinkPad T580 is equipped with two batteries. One piece is built into the notebook (32Wh) and the other is a detachable design (24Wh), which can be used to view detailed information and status in the Lenovo computer housekeeper.

In general, from the perspective of CPU, graphics card, memory or battery life, or from the overall comprehensive data, the performance of the ThinkPad T580 is strong enough to meet the consistent pursuit of performance in the T series. Of course, if these configurations don't satisfy you, you can also increase memory, solid state, mechanical, etc. to improve computer efficiency. However, many people will say that data runs well but poorly experienced notebooks abound, ThinkPad does not The same is true? Next, let us take a look at the experience of the ThinkPad T580.

Screen: Not just big

Two rugged metal hinges support a large 15.6-inch display for better screen capacity and visuals, but the T580's screen advantage is not limited to large.

Some people say that for notebooks, it is not necessary to have a 4K resolution screen. What I want to say is that you are not using it. For those who really need it, they will cheer for 4K screens, such as photographers. Long-term and CAD-defining designers. Another 4K film source is gradually enriched, and its realistic depth of field effect and picture texture will give users another excellent visual experience.

The picture below shows the same web page with different resolution screens. It is obvious that the ThinkPad T580 can display more content, not just portrait, but also landscape.

The following picture shows the working interface of the video editing software Adobe Premiere. The screen advantage is reflected again, it can display the audio track and material for a longer time, at a glance, reduce drag and drop operation, and facilitate more detailed editing.

4K resolution Premiere

1080P resolution Premiere

The following picture is the working interface of the graphic editing software Adobe PhotoShop. The old master should be familiar with it. The same 66.7% zoom ratio, the displayed photo range is completely different, the more important is the fineness. If you are using Canon EOS A high-pixel body like 5Ds, looking at photos with a 4K screen is a word 'cool'.

For the text workers like us, the efficiency improvement brought by the 4K screen is also immediate. There are pictures with the truth, two screens with different resolutions of the same size, horizontally and parallel display of IE browser and Word, which is also my most common job. Status. The ThinkPad T580 with 4K screen can clearly see the complete web content without mouse dragging.

I am a bit worried now, after the evaluation machine is still, will not be used to computers with low resolution screens.

Regarding the color, the screen performance of the ThinkPad T580 did not disappoint us. From the test results, this is a standard color gamut screen, the brightness level is medium, and there is no problem in dealing with daily commercial office.

Keyboard: Digital keyboard regression, the pursuit of the ultimate 'ingenuity'

ThinkPad T580 is the ultimate experience, everything must be based on 'comfort', look at the full-size keyboard below to know.

The ThinkPad classic keyboard has always been the design they are proud of. In terms of keyboard comfort, people who have used ThinkPad know that there is no need to describe it here. But this ThinkPad T580 has one of the most worthy designs. : The digital keyboard that returns again, the independent digital keypad can greatly improve the digital input efficiency of people such as accountants and actuaries; with multi-level backlight adjustment function, it can adapt to different lighting conditions and meet the input requirements of various lighting environments. The anti-splash design can effectively prevent the accidental injury caused by the falling of the cup... These small details are all inspiring the ThinkPad's ingenuity.

Of course, the most representative of ThinkPad is the iconic TrackPoint Little Red Riding Hood design that I personally like. It can be operated quickly without leaving the keyboard. In some shaking environments, the control accuracy is higher than the touchpad. The touchpad is a bit small and also deviates from the left side, but it feels comfortable and smooth, supports multi-touch, with Win10, can achieve two-finger tap right, drag window, zoom in and out. Many 'small black powder' should also I have a deep understanding that working with small red dots for a long time can be far more efficient than using a mouse. This is a good choice for business people who are looking for efficient office work.

Many business users are particularly concerned about the security of the notebook. The ThinkPad T580 has several useful features, such as the built-in Fast Identity Online (FIDO) verification of the fingerprint recognition module next to the touchpad. The notebook is safer and the recognition speed is fast. The infrared camera allows for fast face recognition, completely frees hands and is safer.

Durable: As always, it's hard to be bad

Many people around me use ThinkPad notebooks, and their frequency of changing machines is very low. Why? It's too hard to use, it really should be the old saying, 'New three years, old three years, another motherboard for three years' A book in the wind and rain in three or five years, as long as the system is done again, the speed is still yo, memory and hard disk can be upgraded.

Based on the inherent quality of the ThinkPad, the ThinkPad T580 is also tested in 12 military standards based on the MIL-STD-810G standard. It can work in extreme environments such as high humidity, low temperature and exposure to sand.

The ThinkPad T580's rotating shaft is made of high-strength alloy with a rotation angle of up to 180°. It can be 'tiled' on the table for communication and communication in business meetings. Also, the alloy shaft that accepts the screen and keyboard can withstand 30,000 times. After the combination, the damping coefficient is still between 92.5% and 92.7% of the initial damping. This means that after 30,000 times, it is far from over.

PConline evaluation room summary

Why has the ThinkPad T series been so long-lasting? Not only because of the classic word, but also because it is stable, safe, and balanced, it can meet almost all office needs of business people. And our ThinkPad T580 can be said completely. Continuing the advantages of the ThinkPad and ThinkPad T series, while pursuing the classic, the pursuit of a stable and efficient office experience. Finally, I would like to say that the 4K big screen performance is too amazing, for a specific group of people, even if it needs to pay more At the cost, it is extraordinarily exciting.