Apple's latest generation of Apple Watch is fully exposed: big, not the same

In another week, Apple's next-generation smart wearable device, Apple Watch Series 4, will officially meet with fruit powder. It has carried Apple's hard work and hard work for nearly a year. In what areas has Apple Watch Series 4 made significant progress? Let us see its style.

More HD, big screen new experience

Judging from the news of the recent news, it is an indisputable fact that Apple Watch will adopt a larger display. The size of the corresponding watch has not changed, which means that the new generation of Apple Watch has only adjusted the screen ratio. The updated rounded screen is a bit like the iPhone X's display, with a very narrow micro border between them, making the Apple Watch Series 4 visually lighter.

Due to the larger screen, the Apple Watch Series 4's dial will display more information. In addition to the traditional clock, date, weather, and motion, the screen also supports 4 settings for custom settings, which add up to 8 information displays. area.

More practical, focus on user experience

Apple intends to introduce more health elements into future Apple Watch products to challenge industry giant Samsung. Recently, Apple's patent research on human health is underway. It is reported that the patent will use Apple. Watch's LED sensors and light-sensitive photodiodes measure heart rate and heart rate to detect blood flow through the wrist. The AI ​​recognition technology automatically isolates the heart rate information from other noises to identify irregular heartbeats.

Of course, in addition to this research, Apple has also collaborated with some biochip R&D companies to discuss the feasibility of implanting biochips in Apple Watch, because in the past, the health features of Apple Watch often needed to be connected to the iPhone. And processed by mobile phone chip.

In addition to the new features, the new generation of Apple Watch has also removed some less useful features, such as Apple's 'Time Travel' feature introduced in the previous Apple Watch. Many friends may not even use this feature. Indeed, due to This feature is not practical and difficult to detect by users, so Apple decided to remove this feature.

More perfect, if it is as a watch

The function of smart watches is very rich, but for a considerable number of users, mastering time is still an unstoppable requirement. In the past, users who want to use Apple Watch to view time must wake up the screen and not enjoy the smartphone. The Always On feature, because this feature will cause irreparable damage to Apple Watch's OLED screen.

However, in order to overcome this problem, Apple's recently applied patent may be able to officially move the feature of Always On to the Apple Watch product. Users certainly don't have to worry about the negative impact of this feature, because according to the patent content, Apple seems to have I found a way to prevent aging of the OLED screen by adjusting the brightness and color.

From the data of the smart watch market in recent years, Apple's Apple Watch has always been the top spot. But in the face of some manufacturers' strong counterattacks, Apple also realized that Apple Watch needs to do better. New year , The new Apple Watch, let us look forward to what kind of Apple Watch Series will be brought to us by Cook at the conference.