Apple Watch exposes new patented technology: Supports Always On display

According to foreign media reports, Apple recently applied for a new patent for this year's new Apple Watch, and from the patent content, the patent may be related to the always-on display.

I believe that for many Apple Watch users, it is very painful to wake up the screen every time they view the screen. This also makes Apple Watch unable to achieve the functions that a watch product should have. And has added Always On With this new feature, users can see time and other information without having to lift their wrists.

To say why Apple did not use this feature in previous Apple Watch products, the reasons are more complicated, such as battery life will be affected, and the uninterrupted screen work may ruin Apple Watch's OLED display.

But this time, Apple seems to have developed ways to adjust brightness and color to combat aging of OLED screens. According to Apple's explanation, 'OLEDs are becoming a popular choice. It ages in an uneven manner over its lifetime and causes some unexpected color/brightness distortion.'

'In order to solve this problem, the aging statistics of historical usage information related to a given OLED display can be used to artificially adjust the operation of the OLED display, thereby substantially restoring visual consistency throughout the operation. 'Apple pointed out that These data can be in the form of high-resolution, multi-channel images that consume considerable storage space, and the total amount of available storage space expected by the user is reduced for seemingly unknown reasons, which may be dissatisfied with the user. I hope to find a way to store this data more efficiently.

Unsurprisingly, this patent application sparked a variety of speculation that Apple Watch will provide an always-on display screen, and some fans believe that this is the most needed feature for future models. You can see it at any time. This information does not need to lift your wrist, this will certainly be very convenient.

Apple's new product launch conference will be held soon, and the new generation of Apple Watch will not be unveiled at this conference. In addition to the larger screen ratio disclosed earlier, if Always On can be realized, then the Apple Watch will be seized. The market will be even more powerful.