Taking into account multiple use needs | Miele vacuum cleaner debut in IFA2018

With the improvement of people's living standards, the products pursued are getting more and more refined. The annual Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show and today (August 31) kicked off as a world-renowned industry exhibition, each IFA The conference will attract all major electronics and technology manufacturers around the world.

After many exhibitions, we can find that more and more living appliances not only bring us a more fashionable design, but also many home appliances are committed to let people live a healthier, in many cases simpler But a more fulfilling life, allowing users to enjoy a positive experience, fun and happiness.

Local brand Miele from Germany (Miele The first to showcase the combination of its vacuum cleaner products, bucket vacuum cleaner and horizontal vacuum cleaner, allowing users to easily and quickly clean the home in a variety of environments.

In addition to the exquisite design of the equipment and the powerful machine performance, Miele vacuum cleaner also takes flexibility in the use, so that it can be upgraded at home and enjoy life. First of all, its multi-purpose suction head is used with a variety of different stages of suction, vacuum cleaner with more The tip accessories are suitable for all kinds of environments and furniture in the home. They can penetrate into the various thicknesses of carpets, models, sounds, dolls and other items of fine seams or fibers, and completely absorb them. In addition, choose the most appropriate suction and suction head. , not only can thoroughly clean the dust, but also completely protect all kinds of precious items.

Other than that, The Miele vacuum cleaner also excels in terms of intelligence and safety, not only It has been tested for impact and can withstand a load of 100 kg. It also has an anti-static safety handle to take care of your safety anytime, anywhere.