Carpoly small fresh and excellent full-effect wall paint product evaluation

In the early spring, the breeze is warm and warm. When we want to decorate and refresh, we also hope that the wall paint is environmentally friendly, fresh and tasteless. Now everyone's requirements for the home environment are getting higher and higher, a zero formaldehyde, health and environmental protection, feel The gentle product can satisfy our care for the family. The public evaluation team learned that Carpoly has launched a small series of high-end products, selected global high-quality raw materials, combined with high-tech automatic production lines to ensure the selection of materials, no toxic and harmful substances added during the whole process. We are striving to show the quality of the care, health and environment, and the quality of the paint. In the following, the public evaluation team will work with everyone to evaluate the Jiabaoli small fresh series of Joyful products. Let us take a look How is the performance of Xiaoqingxinyue full effect!▲

Public evaluation: Carpoly small fresh and excellent full-effect wall paint

Xiaoqingxinyue is a high-tech wall paint that enhances the environmental quality experience of home. It adheres to the long-standing paranoid and rigorous belief in the environmental protection of Carpoly, and gives the product its quality.

The small fresh and euphoric effect adopts the latest high-end low-release formula. The product uses a special synthetic process to fully react and synthesize various raw material components, reduce monomer residue, and reduce the residual and volatilization of toxic and harmful substances such as VOC. The wet film state of the tank has almost no taste, and keeps the air fresh, pure and tasteless during construction, dry film formation and long-term use, in line with the latest national low release standard JG/T481-2015; at the same time, through the environmental quality control of raw materials, the product is In the process of formula design and production, it is guaranteed that formaldehyde is not added to the product. Benzene and other substances will play toxic and harmful substances such as organic compounds (voca), ensure product quality from the source, and care for home health; low release without adding two-in-one technology, from The source provides consumers with double protection.

Carpoly small fresh series of wall paint products

This time, the Volkswagen evaluation team brought their own test props to Jiabaoli for product evaluation. In order to ensure the fairness, fairness and openness of this assessment, we will make a targeted evaluation of the main product performance of wall paint, from the appearance packaging, Can open impression, formaldehyde purification, opacity, paint film feel test, paint film elasticity six aspects, evaluation of Carpoly small fresh and excellent full-effect wall paint. In order to make the performance effect more objective and obvious, in multiple In the performance test, we also set up a common wall paint as a comparison group.

Various items prepared by the public evaluation team for this evaluation

First, the main parameters of the product

Second, the appearance of the package and the impression of opening

For the packaging appearance and opening impression of the coating, we will follow the evaluation method of 'one look at two, three hands and four smells'. At first glance, it refers to the overall impression of the outer packaging. Consumers should carefully check the wall paint. Packaging, product packaging should be well sealed, can not have any leakage, metal packaging should not appear rust, otherwise it shows poor sealing or long time. At the same time carefully check the production date and shelf life, first inferior paint from the outer packaging Tick ​​out.

Carpoly's small fresh and excellent full-effect wall paint is packed in metal paint bucket. The outer packaging of the paint bucket is clearly printed, the color is vivid and pure, and there is no printing disjoint and printing color difference.

Carpoly's small fresh and excellent full-effect wall paint evaluation: packaging appearance

The back of the paint bucket is printed with the product's performance characteristics, usage methods, precautions and other relevant information, indicating clear and detailed; from the attached product label, we can clearly understand the product model, net content, production date, shelf life and other important information.

The performance certification of the product is also clearly marked on the paint bucket. Among them, the green environmental label of the green ten ring is the most obvious. The mark is a recognized ten-ring mark. It is a 'proof mark' on the product or its packaging. This mark indicates that the product is not only qualified in quality, but also meets specific environmental protection requirements. Compared with similar products, it has environmental advantages such as low toxicity, less harm, and resource and energy conservation. Such certifiable products include: office equipment, building materials, home appliances, Daily necessities, office supplies, cars, furniture, textiles, footwear, etc. You can pay special attention when purchasing.

Carpoly's small fresh and excellent full-effect wall paint evaluation: packaging appearance

The paint bucket has a good texture. The cover is gravure with the logo of the Carpoly brand, authentic certification, tight seal, no leakage.

The weight of Jiabaoli Xiaoxin Youyue full-effect wall paint product is 6.4kg. It has a certain amount of weight when it is rubbed by hand. It shakes the paint bucket without any squeaky sound, indicating that the packaging is full and the consistency and viscosity of the paint are good. High quality latex paint.

Carpoly's small fresh and excellent full-effect wall paint evaluation: packaging appearance

Let's take a look at the opening effect of Carpoly's small fresh and elegant full-effect wall paint.

Open the jar to observe, the paint color is uniform and no impurities, no peeling, delamination and other undesirable phenomena.

Carpoly's small fresh and beautiful full-effect wall paint evaluation: can open impression

Stirring with a shovel, the paint body is smooth and thick, and the shovel is taken out to observe. The wall paint slides smoothly along the shovel. From another angle, the product has a relatively good leveling property. The leveling property of the wall paint refers to the application after the paint is applied. Whether the film can be smooth and smooth, can flow and automatically eliminate the performance of the coating, is an important indicator in the coating performance. Flat wall paint, easy to level evenly, showing sufficient gloss without pinholes Paint film effect. In the actual construction process of the paint, the film defects often appear are orange peel, fish eyes, shrinkage holes, pinholes, shrinkage, brush marks, and roll marks during roll coating are called bad leveling. These phenomena reduce the decoration and protection of the paint, so everyone should pay special attention to this performance when purchasing.

Carpoly's small fresh and beautiful full-effect wall paint evaluation: can open impression

The environmental performance of wall latex paint can be 'smelted'. In general, environmentally friendly wall paint, only a faint emulsion fragrance, will not have a pungent smell like inferior paint. Small fresh and excellent full-effect wall paint, no other pungent smell, the smell is very fresh.

Carpoly's small fresh and beautiful full-effect wall paint evaluation: can open impression