The glory bracelet ushered in a major upgrade, or can measure a number of biological indicators

Recently, there was such a recruitment order in the Sports Health App of Huawei's Pollen Forum, which mentioned some of the features of Huawei's new generation of wearable devices and new devices. On the list of new products, we have seen the glory bracelet. 4 and upgraded version of the Running section.

From the detailed description of these two bracelets, the description of the glory bracelet 4 is a touch-colored large-screen heart rate bracelet, which uses a larger and higher-definition display than the previous generation, which is more convenient to operate in daily use. It can also realize more functions. The description of the 4Running version of the Glory Bracelet is a bracelet that can monitor the running posture. It has a built-in chip that can monitor heart rate, blood pressure and other physiological data. It is a sport for people who like to run. A good choice.

According to statistics, in 2017, China's smart wearable device industry sold about 50.25 million units, an increase of 29.64% compared with 38.76 million units in 2016. In this more than 50 million smart devices. Among them, 70% of the products are smart watches, sports bracelets and other equipment. It is estimated that by 2021, the sales of smart wearable devices will reach about 100 million units.

In the face of a huge market, in addition to foreign companies such as Apple Samsung, the domestic manufacturer Xiaomi also saw the opportunity to start the smart watch, the layout of the bracelet equipment products. According to relevant statistics, the highest domestic smart watch shipments last year. The three companies are Xiaomi, Apple and Samsung. Apple and Samsung are the giants in the field of smart watches. They have strong strength in both technical level and product layout, and Xiaomi is able to achieve such results. Early in the market, low price characteristics.

Analysis, Samsung smart watches have unshakable technical strength, their smart watches are customized biometric detection chip, can measure heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and other physiological indicators, thus providing a full range of services for health-conscious friends. Apple The Apple Watch is also going to upgrade sports-related features in the near future, and it is equipped with a smooth and easy-to-use watchOS system.

From the description of the new glory bracelet, the new glory bracelet will likely upgrade the real-time heart rate detection function. The specific implementation method may also use a customized bio-chip. The detected real-time heart rate can also be viewed through the mobile app, which is convenient for users. Understand your own physical condition. If there is biochip support, the blood oxygen concentration and blood sugar level will be detected one by one. Finally, the new glory bracelet is expected to achieve a higher waterproof level.

After Huawei released the glory bracelet 3, the market public's evaluation of this product is very good, and from the consistent product positioning of glory, the new product will continue to take into account the various needs of users, will not add too much complexity. Function, price should not be too expensive, the price of the new glory bracelet 4 will definitely be higher than the glory bracelet 3, and the Running version is expected to be slightly more expensive than the regular version.