Wake up without voice | LG two neck-mounted wireless Bluetooth headsets will debut at IFA 2018

Less than two weeks after the official opening of IFA 2018, some brands have already begun to 'demystify' in advance, LG said that it will display a neck-mounted wireless Bluetooth headset Tone Platinum SE and one in IFA 2018. A wireless headset called Tone Ultra SE.

In the CES 2018 at the beginning of this year, LG released the smart platform ThinQ, but the LG Tone Platinum SE does not seem to join the ThinQ label in appearance. However, on the side of the headset, you can see that there is a button that does not need to be pressed. Saying Google Assistant's wake-up can trigger Google Assistant. At the same time, it can also launch Google Translate directly, which is quite practical for those who are overseas but can't understand the local language.

Another headset, the Tone Ultra SE, does not have the corresponding smart features, but it has an external mono speaker inside, so it can simultaneously play music and talk dual functions. Currently LG has not revealed the release date and price of these two headphones. I want to experience these two headphones in advance, and I have to wait until IFA 2018 is officially opened.