Zhiqi life | Eagle bathroom smart toilet BS-72 Reviews

I always hope that my toilet can provide me with a different personalized service according to my thoughts and living habits. I want to have a comfortable toilet experience, but the toilet is not too troublesome to clean, too smart, not good. I want to. If you want to eliminate the troubles of going to the toilet, choose the toilet is the key. Today, the evaluation center brings the Eagle bathroom toilet BS-72 evaluation, let us experience its surprise.

First, the appearance of the product

The Eagle Bathroom Toilet BS-72 adopts an integrated design. The simple and smooth lines outline the round shape, and the curved surface is just right. The minimalist design style creates a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, and also highlights the aesthetic style of the bathroom culture.

The pure white glaze gives a clean and tidy feeling, and the silver decorative strip adds a touch of fashion to the pure white cover. Its super high value can be used in a variety of bathroom decoration styles.

Second, local function details

The cylindrical button on the side of the eagle bathroom toilet BS-72 is simple and easy to operate. It is very friendly for the elderly and children at home. This is very considerate.

The main body display panel at the top is the full Chinese interface. After the power is turned on, the power button lights up and the red indicator light can distinguish the gear positions of different functions. The working status of the toilet is clear at a glance.

Elegant white remote control, simple and stylish. The buttons are responsive and feel very comfortable. You can control all functions of the Eagle Bathroom Toilet BS-72 in one hand.

Third, convenient and comfortable intelligent experience

Fully automatic flip

As a 24-hour hand, the ultimate 'lazy' of the mobile phone, how can you tolerate the trouble of bending over the toilet cover? For this reason, the intelligent automatic flip function of the Eagle bathroom toilet BS-72 is designed. Send benefits to the lazy.

The automatic flip function of the eagle bathroom toilet BS-72, when the human body is close, the cover automatically opens. When the human body leaves, the cover automatically closes. Is it really amazing? We can see it on the spot, when it is actually used When the hand of the person is close to the toilet about 20 cm, the toilet can automatically sense the flip cover, and the reasonable sensing range setting allows you to enjoy the smart flip new experience.

Cover damping damp

Do not disturb is the gentleness of the Eagle Bathroom Toilet BS-72. The cover and the seat are provided with damping buffer, which can reduce the collision of the cover and extend the service life of the cover. Then the control of the flush sound allows you even It was at night, and I didn't have to worry about my family being awakened by the loud noise of the toilet seat.

Seat temperature adjustment