Skin allergies | Originally the washing machine was too dirty

For washing machines that are often soaked in water, at first glance it is very clean, I don't know, there is a lot of dirt and bacteria hidden in the sleeve. Health experts have conducted a sample survey on the health problems of household washing machines. The survey results show that In the washing tank outside the drum of the washing machine, the total coliform detection rate is 100%, and the mold detection rate is 60.2%. Experts advise that the household washing machine should be cleaned regularly every 3 months.

Not long ago, Ms. Wang always felt that her skin was itchy. After being cured by a doctor, she recovered less than a month. At the same time, Ms. Wang found that the clothes she had washed at home were not clean, and there would always be a ball of yarn. Sticking to the underwear, after wearing it, the body is particularly uncomfortable. For this reason, Ms. Wang often passes the clothes several times. However, the effect is not obvious, but the symptoms of itchy skin are getting worse. Ms. Wang can't help but lock the 'suspected' On the washing machine.

Therefore, Ms. Wang began to contact the factory, and the answer was: 'We are responsible for maintenance. At present, only the electric water heater can be cleaned, and the rest of the products have not been cleaned.' So Ms. Wang found some repair agencies, but got Ms. Wang was very disappointed. In the newspaper, the service network of the newspaper has the service of cleaning the washing machine. Ms. Wang rushed into the service network to repair the hotline. When the service network maintenance personnel came to Ms. Wang’s house and opened the washing machine, Ms. Wang was immediately shocked. There was a thick layer of black mud on the back of the pulsator inside the washing machine, and the barrel of the pulsator barrel also accumulated a lot of dirt. The fiber wadding and other debris piled up at the bottom of the turbine appeared black and green. .

Washing machine maintenance experts told reporters that they have become familiar with these black dirt during the maintenance process. These dirt mainly come from the scale in the tap water, the free powder of the washing powder, the cellulose of the clothes, the organic matter of the human body and the clothes brought in. Made up of dust and bacteria, they are firmly attached to the mezzanine of the washing machine and fermented at room temperature. When washing, it seriously pollutes the clothes and endangers human health. Most household washing machines are placed in dark, unventilated corners. Suitable for the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. It is understood that many washing machines are likely to be used when they are scrapped, and have not been cleaned once.

Experts suggest that the newly purchased washing machine should be thoroughly cleaned every three months with the special cleaning agent for the washing machine. For the dirt cleaning at the pulsator, it must be cleaned with special tools, and the user is difficult to clean by himself, so it is best to find a professional. Personnel cleaning. It is worth noting that not all washing machines are suitable for disassemble cleaning. For example, drum type washing machines have automatic filtering function because they use stainless steel inner tube, so they do not need to be cleaned.