Modelling chic, easy to install, but also for the family to provide quality drinking water, I am so good to enjoy the excellent music water purifier dozen call! Pick a better water purifier for your b

Water is our daily life most indispensable, but now water quality has become our most worrying problem. On the market a variety of water dazzling, pure water, mineral water, distilled water, and so on, a variety of names hidden mystery. First of all, pure water and distilled, clean is clean, but the body itself needs of minerals can not be obtained from this water. The price of mineral water is relatively high, and bottled water should remember to notify the delivery of water, or it may be at any time.

So my family began to consider the purchase of water purification products, so as to drink healthy water, the use is also very convenient. In the selection of water purifier, I looked up some data, found that a good water purifier, not only to ensure that the machine can filter out harmful impurities, but also need to retain water in the body of the beneficial minerals.

Thanks to the Pacific Home network to provide trial opportunities, at present, my family is experiencing the joy of this water purifier basically meet all of the above requirements.

It is handsome in appearance and small in space. The water purifier from the appearance of a strong sense of design, the streamlined oval shape, more than the ordinary square water purifier more exquisite.

White mainly color, the base is silver, can adapt to any style of home.

Product Installation Again installation, for a person living in the suburbs, it is not an easy job to find a hydro-electric master.

Enjoy the excellent music water purifier installation is very simple, I am a person to do, do not need a professional water electrician skills or energy consumption. First open the back cover of the machine and install three filter elements in the order indicated. No. 1th Filter is pp cotton and resin, can be coarse filtration of water quality, filter out large particles of impurities, and to remove harmful metal impurities ' arsenic '. 2nd is a composite activated carbon filter, can filter heavy metal impurities, pesticides and microorganisms.

Number 3rd is our water filter, which is the Chinese medical stone, contains a variety of active mineral ingredients.

The accessories were equipped with batteries, and I was wondering why there was a battery? The machine doesn't have to power up or see any LCD screen or anything like that.

After the use of the discovery, the machine surface will show the use of 3 filters, convenient for us to determine when the need to replace the filter cartridge, can be said to be very intimate.

On the faucet can choose to use the water quality model that needs to be used, respectively, is the living water, the raw and clean.

Living Water after 1, 2, 3rd filter, containing useful minerals, suitable for cooking dishes to meet the quality requirements of the entrance.

Clean water only after 1, 2nd filter, remove the water in the impurities and harmful substances, can be used to wash dishes and wash dishes to meet the general water.

Use experience I personally care about the entrance of the taste of things, not good food, and then health I am more difficult to accept. This water purifier's filtered waters taste is first-rate, seems to have the taste of hometown spring, the family are very like. For all day absent-minded, I don't always have to remember to call the water supply shop.

Soup pot porridge Water quality requirements are the highest, I use living water to boil soup, the taste of the soup than the general tap boiled more fragrance overflowing. The baby at home occasionally still need to drink powdered milk, for children to wash milk, the quality of water needs more attention.

With living water to the baby brewing milk powder, milk powder is obviously more easily melted, washed out of the milk is more fragrant, milk incense overflowing, I can not help but want to drink a mouthful.

Trial Summary:

I have experienced several different water purifiers, which have relatives, there are friends home, this water purifier experience is very good, is the performance of a more outstanding one, the following is my more satisfactory points:

1. Easy installation;

2. Can visually see the use of the filter element life length;

3. The water quality is sweet, has the effect of mountain spring, very suitable for the tea boiled soup bubble milk and so on various experiences. Adequate water is the most important to the growth and development of children, now the taste of water has become better, the children will start to ask for water. Children do not like to drink water after the problem has been solved, a lot of health problems will also be solved, such as spring and autumn children's throat dry, love cough, in fact, drink plenty of water can alleviate many symptoms, do not need to take medicine at all.

Enjoy the fruit and vegetable juice produced by the living water, the taste is also more sweet, but also for the children to supplement a lot of trace elements.