China's steel industry is facing high quality development | 'Three Great Mountains'

In order to explore the key points and ways for the steel industry to promote smart manufacturing under the new form, exchange and promote the experience of intelligent manufacturing construction and development, promote the quality and efficiency of the steel industry, and transform and upgrade. Recently, the development of smart manufacturing in the steel industry in 2018 (the first) The forum was held in Kunming. Chi Jingdong, vice president of China Iron and Steel Association, believes that at present, the high-quality development of China's steel industry still faces 'three big mountains', which are the environmental challenges of domestic and foreign markets, the difficulty of transformation and upgrading and the pressure of low-carbon green manufacturing. In the process of transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, we must grasp the strategic orientation of transformation and upgrading.

Yin Ruiqi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former deputy director of the Ministry of Metallurgy, pointed out that intelligentization is one of the important development directions of the steel industry. The intelligence of steel mills must be linked to the concept of digital physical integration system. It cannot be limited to the concepts of big data and the Internet. In the physical system (manufacturing process system), the manufacturing process is the root, and the concepts of 'flow', 'process network' and 'running program' should be highlighted, especially between the material flow network, the energy flow network and the information flow network. Collaborative operation, self-perception, self-decision, self-execution, self-adaptation of process-wide dynamic operation, management, service and other processes.

Yin Ruizhen believes that the optimization of the physical system of the manufacturing process is an important basic premise of the intelligentization of the steel mill. It is necessary to fully understand the operational characteristics of the manufacturing process, and not blindly use some concepts and methods of discrete manufacturing; the development of the 'interface' technology is a steel mill. The important link in the construction of information physics system should be regarded as an important point to realize the intelligentization of steel mills. It should be paid attention to from the beginning of engineering design; it should be prevented from being ignorant, partial, blind, follow-up To engage in the intelligentization of steel mills.

Chi Jingdong, vice president of China Iron and Steel Association, said that the iron and steel industry, as an irreplaceable basic raw material industry in the new era, must continue to maintain the important supporting industrial status of the national economy, on the other hand, it must be shared with society, cities and the ecological environment. Although the steel industry still faces cross-cutting, mutual influence, and complicated difficulties and problems, the steel industry has a basis and conditions in accordance with the general goal of achieving socialism modernization with Chinese characteristics in 2035 proposed by the party’s 19th National Congress. And have the ability to take the lead in achieving both large and strong strategic goals.

The 2018 (first) Steel Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum was co-sponsored by China Iron and Steel Industry Association and China Steel Research Technology Group Co., Ltd., Metallurgical Technology Development Center, Metallurgical Automation magazine, China Iron and Steel Industry Association Development and Technology and Environmental Protection Department. More than 250 people from government, industry associations, enterprises, research institutions, etc. attended the meeting.