The investment is nearly 100 billion yuan, and the Guangxi iron and steel industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading!

In view of the fact that there is still insufficient supply in Guangxi's metallurgical industry and the imbalance of development in various cities and regions is not sufficient, in order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Guangxi's metallurgical industry and enhance the ability of industrial innovation and development, Guangxi decided to promote the second venture of the metallurgical industry. The goal is to In 2025, the technical and equipment of the metallurgical industry in the region reached the domestic advanced level; the labor productivity of the main steel industry reached 1,200 tons/person·year. The Fangchenggang Iron and Steel Base was built to form the overall layout of 'one nuclear, three belts and nine bases'. The production capacity accounted for more than 60%, and the total output value of the metallurgical industry exceeded 600 billion yuan. Recently, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Industrial and Information Commission issued the "2018 Autonomous Region Key Industrial Projects Grading and Coordination Work Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "the "Program")), "Program" The project to be promoted in Guangxi in 2018 was announced. Among them, there are 15 projects involving steel and metallurgy, with a total investment of about 94.6 billion yuan. The China Metallurgical News, China Steel News Network is organized as follows -

Note Guangxi's 'one core, three belts, nine bases' overall layout is specifically - one core: to prevent the city port as the core of the development of Guangxi's metallurgical industry; three belts: Fangchenggang - Guigang - guests - Liuzhou iron and steel industry belt, Fangchenggang - Beihai - Yulin-Chuzhou Stainless Steel Industrial Belt, Fangchenggang-Chongzuo-Baiguang Manganese Industrial Belt; Nine Bases: Comprehensive Metallurgical Base of Fangchenggang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Liuzhou Iron and Steel Base (including Laibin Ferroalloy), Guigang Iron and Steel Base, Beihai Tieshan Port (Linhai) Industrial Park Stainless Steel Base, Yulin Longtan Industrial Park Stainless Steel Products Base, Zhangzhou Stainless Steel Supply Base, Baise Manganese Industrial Base, Chongzuo Manganese Industrial Base, Hezhou Mining Equipment Casting Base].